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The following instrument model numbers have limited or NO support from Roos Instruments. Roos will make a "best effort" attempt to repair or replace the instrument before recommending a system upgrade or replacement. Please contact [email protected] for details.

Limited Support means: No longer guarantee stock of these sources or their replacement parts under Extended Warranty (W) or Fast Ship Module Exchange (ME) service contracts. Repair is "return to factory" where RI will make every reasonable effort to repair a failed component. If the component can not be repaired, purchase a new component, replace with another spare, or return with reduced functionality (i.e. Source Inter modulation (INTERMOD) removed ).

Model NumbersDate Last ShippedDate Limited SupportDate NO SupportSystem GenerationsUpgrade PathComments
(All Instrument Models)
2011-022020-06TBDAll Generations (1-4)Cassini16Cassini hardware compatibility with Fixture Adapters. Testplan Migration required.
2011-022012-05TBDAll Gen 1 RI7100As
All Gen 2 RI7100As
Most Gen 3 RI7100As
Gen 4 Source (RI7725A, RI7725B, etc.)AKA "Long" sources due to their depth in the rack. Anritsu model 68047B, some shipped as 'used' in 2011.
RI8556B2007-122013-102018-01Cassini 56RI8568C Cassini16 Infrastructure
RI8574A2020-04TBDTBDCassini16Remote TIM + RI8608A EPC LinuxMigration to USB to RIFL Remote TIM allows user supplied Hardware
RI8521x2011-06TBDTBDAllRI8572 HP Waveform + LNC

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