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Samba is an open source project for implementing SMB/CIFS protocol for file sharing server/client set to mount shared network folders and work with corresponding Windows servers or clients.

RI's embedded OS (eCS or ArcaOS) has a graphical user interface that can be used to connect to shared network folders.

To Mount Shared Network Folder:
    1. Choose Desktop > Local Network > ArcaMapper Connections (CIFS/SMB) (or Samba Client for eComStation or Shared Network Drives > Samba Shares for older versions of eCS)
    2. Set Mount to Single Share, enter the Server hostname or IP address (i.e. "server1") and Share ("SharedFolder").
    3. Type the User ID and Password and select choose a drive letter for Mount to.
    4. Press Mount button to mount the drive.
    5. Choose File > Autostart > Enable to mount this drive automatically during OS Startup.
    6. Use this drive to import/export Guru .GZP files by copying them to and from your host OS.

    To Copy Files:
    1. Highlight the .GZP file by opening the target folder and selecting the file.
    2. Choose Copy... from the right mouse button or Edit menu.
    3. Select Drives tab and select the desired destination. Use the + symbol to expand the contents of a folder.
    4. Choose Copy button to copy the file to the destination.

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