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The custom release process developed to support VSPEC and SECN workflows requires a Permission Admin User to be assigned to Guru Browser before Export User App from the Guru Export List tab can be used successfully. The Permission Admin User only has to be assigned once per Cassini test system (Guru ID).

To Assign a Permission Admin User for Guru Browser's Export User App feature:
  1. Log in to Guru with Engineer user or higher.
  2. Launch Guru Browser from the Apps button.
  3. Choose Options > Permission Admin User menu.
  4. Enter "SECNDeployAdmin" for the Permission Admin Username and "secn" for the Permission Admin Password.
  5. Choose Save to close the setup prompt.
  6. The Guru Export List > Export User App button will now function without a warning prompt.

If the permission user is not yet set up and Export User App button is pressed, a "Please Configure Permission Admin User" warning prompt is displayed. (See Figure 3). Follow the steps above to resolve this issue.

Figure 1: Options > Permission Admin User

Figure 2: Permission Admin Username

Figure 3: Warning - Please Configure Permission Admin User

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