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Roos Instruments is an active member of the semiconductor industry.
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Semicon West
International Test Conference Test Week


October 2023
"Integration Challenges For ATE Data" Semiconductor Engineering
August 2023
"Cassini Is Ready for mmWave Device Production, Are You?" Microwave Journal Tech Brief
December 2022
"Challenges for Successful Device Testing at 50 GHz" Microwave Journal Tech Brief
June 2022
"The Unique Challenges of GaN Amplifier Production Test" Microwave Journal Tech Brief
June 2021
"High-Power Production Test for Base Station Power Transistors" Microwave Journal Tech Brief
September 2020
"New Data Format Boosts Test Analytics" Semiconductor Engineering Article
March 2020
"Advancing ATE Strategy For mmWave Mass Market Production" Technical Feature in Microwave Journal
September 24th 2012
Roos Instruments Selects MVTS to Provide Premier Product Service, Logistics to RF ATE Customers
August 7th 2011
"Sensing Change" from Freescale CTO
June 3rd 2011
Modern ATE Alternative to Move Bench-Top to Production
Oct. 29th 2009
Introducing Cassini for Microwave Power Amp IC and Module Testing
Sept. 16th 2009
Presto Engineering and RI Collaborate for RF Product Engineering Services
July 9th 2009
New RF, High Speed Digital, and Infrastructure Options for Cassini Introduced at Semicon West
May 4th 2009
Cassini Tests Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar Modules
Feb 10th 2009
77 GHz Automotive Radar at Freescale reach HVM with RI


March 2023
Patents for mmWave Testing Awarded to Roos Instruments
Feburary 2023
Improved High Power Supply/Pulser from Roos Instruments
January 2023
New 50 GHz Test Set from Roos Instruments
October 2022
New 25 GHz Microwave Vector Receiver with integrated LO
September 2022
New 25 GHz Microwave Source Test Instrument Module
August 2022
Updated V-Band Test Instrument Module