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Activating a Tester and Saving It As Default05/06/2022
Adding a Cal Kit Definition to a Cassini SystemGen Doc02/01/2022
Adding a Network Printer to eComStation (LPD or CUPS compatible)Cassini Administration Manual07/28/2017
Adding Another Test Instrument Module (TIM) into a Cassini SystemCassini Maintenance Manual09/29/2021
Adding RI8607 50 GHz TestSet, RI8586 25 GHz Sources and RI8596 Receiver with LOGen Doc02/17/2023
Adding Two 40 GHz RI8563 and SRC 3 RI7725 to Cassini SystemGen Doc09/16/2021
Administration Tasks - Exchanging Cassini Test Instrument Modules (TIMs)Cassini Operator Training07/28/2017
Administration Tasks - Guru ApplicationsCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Administration Tasks - Guru Log-on Privilege TypesCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Administration Tasks - Guru Server Address Book, Updating Guru ConnectionsCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Administration Tasks - OverviewCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Administration Tasks - Overview of GuruCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Administration Tasks - Software Revision ControlCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Administration Tasks - System Software BackupsCassini Basic Training02/22/2022
Administration Tasks - Transfer Data Using Guru AgentsCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Administration Tasks - Using Guru Browser to Manage Guru ObjectsCassini Basic Training01/24/2018
Advanced Troubleshooting - Cassini 16 Infrastructure (RI8568B)Cassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Application Development by ExampleCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
ArcaOS, eComStation (eCS), and OS/2Gen Doc12/02/2022
Avoid Part Damage during "System Startup"Gen Doc03/04/2011
Backup Cassini Objects with Guru ConnectionsCassini Basic Training03/31/2020
Backup of RI7100A System SoftwareGen Doc09/13/2019
Backup System with GuruCassini Maintenance Manual09/03/2019
Backup & Recovery (Guru Sever)Cassini Administration Manual05/06/2022
Backup & Recovery (System Controller and Virtual Workstation)Cassini Administration Manual03/19/2018
Cal Kit Calibration InstructionsGen Doc01/25/2018
Calibration - Written Procedure for Complete Cassini System CalCassini Operator Training02/07/2022
Calibration Data .GZP View and Export AppGen Doc08/17/2022
Calibration FetPulser Instrument for the RI8589 FetPulser TIMGen Doc09/28/2021
Calibration Issues - Restoring Fixture Calibration DataCassini Maintenance Manual02/22/2022
Calibration Kit Maintenance for CassiniCassini Maintenance Manual01/25/2018
Calibration of Test FixturesCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Calibration Standards : Scope of Lab Standards PerformanceSource10/04/2021
Cassini 16 Diagram (Location and Descriptions)Cassini Maintenance Manual01/04/2023
Cassini 16 Infrastructure FootprintCassini Maintenance Manual03/08/2024
Cassini Acceptance Process (Buy-Off) ExampleGen Doc02/28/2023
Cassini Admin Manual v2aPublished11/15/2012
Cassini Administration Guide Table of ContentsCassini Administration Manual07/29/2017
Cassini Administration Training SyllabusCassini Administration Manual04/05/2021
Cassini Basic Training Seminar Slides - CH 1 Basic System OperationPresentation06/05/2012
Cassini Basic Training Seminar Slides - CH 2 Administration and MaintenancePresentation03/07/2011
Cassini Basic Training Seminar Slides - Ch 3 Basic Test Plan ConceptsPresentation03/07/2011
Cassini Basic Training Seminar Slides - Ch 4 Science of RF MeasurementsPresentation03/07/2011
Cassini Basic Training Seminar Slides - CH 5 Device DefinitionsPresentation04/08/2011
Cassini Basic Training Seminar Slides - CH 6 Application Development by ExamplePresentation08/12/2011
Cassini Basic Training Seminar Slides - CH 7 Test Fixture and Device Interface DesignPresentation03/09/2011
Cassini Basic Training Seminar Slides - CH 8 Test Design and Best Practice Test OptimizationPresentation04/08/2011
Cassini Container Administration GuideGen Doc06/28/2022
Cassini EPC Issues - Information Collection ChecklistCassini Maintenance Manual09/09/2022
Cassini IntroductionCassini Basic Training06/08/2012
Cassini Maintenance Manual v4Published08/08/2017
Cassini Maintenance Schedule GuidelinesCassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Cassini Maintenance Training v2aPresentation08/20/2012
Cassini Network Integration Checklist (Pre Ship Questions)Cassini Administration Manual12/07/2018
Cassini Operator Training PresentationPresentation06/29/2009
Cassini Operator Training Published ManualPublished06/29/2009
Cassini Periodic Maintenance (Verify TIMs)Cassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Cassini Regular (Daily) MaintenanceCassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Cassini RF Path and DC Block DiagramsGen Doc03/22/2010
Cassini Service and Support PlanGen Doc07/01/2013
Cassini Short 8 Infrastructure Footprint (Ri8556A)Cassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Cassini Software Evaluation and Release ProcessCassini Administration Manual10/23/2022
Cassini SPYDER Infrastructure FootprintCassini Maintenance Manual03/21/2018
Cassini STDF-Adding Persistent Data via JbDataFormatter edit or Browse Guru commandsGen Doc08/07/2017
Cassini System Calibration ProcedureCassini Maintenance Manual02/07/2022
Show details for Cassini Tall 8 Infrastructure Footprint (Ri8557A)Cassini Tall 8 Infrastructure Footprint (Ri8557A)Cassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Cassini Test Fixture and DIB: Assigning ESN to a DefinitionCassini Basic Training02/15/2023
Cassini Test Floor Integration ChecklistCassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Cassini Test Plan Editor UIGen Doc01/19/2023
Cassini V93K CTH Infrastructure Calibration ProcedureGen Doc05/21/2024
Cassini V93K CTH Infrastructure FootprintCassini Maintenance Manual05/20/2024
Cassini V93K CTH Infrastructure Inserting and Removing Fixtures & Handler or Prober DockingGen Doc05/21/2024
Cassini V93K CTH Infrastructure Install/Remove with CartGen Doc05/21/2024
Cassini V93K CTH Infrastructure Preventive Maintenance ScheduleGen Doc05/21/2024
Cassini: The Evolution of a New Breed of ATE (1/5)Cassini Basic Training06/02/2011
CE Mark Conformity - Cassini 16Gen Doc07/26/2011
Certificate of ComplianceGen Doc12/11/2023
CH1: Introduction and Basic MeasurementsGeneral04/28/2004
CH6: Calibration Procedure (PDF)Gen Doc07/14/2020
Change default Font in Java for OS/2Gen Doc01/05/2011
Change Hostname in ArcaOS, eComStation or OS/2Gen Doc04/20/2018
Change Network Adapter (VirtualBox v6.1.20+ or EPC)Gen Doc08/07/2023
Changing Multiple TIMs at the Same Time, Cassini Tester DefinitionGen Doc06/04/2019
Changing the default minimize function in OS2Gen Doc05/20/2010
Checking the Fixture Calibration DataCassini Basic Training01/30/2013
Checking the Fixture Calibration DataFixturing07/23/2012
Checking Wear Levels of RF Relays and AttenuatorsCassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Cleaning PDFs folder on EPC (Test Summary Reports)Gen Doc03/04/2022
Configuring TCP/IP Settings on Cassini EPC (OS/2, eCS, ArcOS)Gen Doc03/21/2018
Configuring the ELO Touch Display for Cassini System Controller (Mouse Drivers)Cassini Administration Manual01/05/2023
Connect to Guru Server with Guru Address BookCassini Administration Manual09/10/2021
Connecting to a Shared Network Folder (CIFS/SMB) and Printer (CUPS)Cassini Administration Manual01/23/2018
Create Config Log (System Description)Cassini Maintenance Manual08/17/2020
Create Config Log (System Description)Gen Doc11/02/2021
CreatePS error IssueCassini Administration Manual03/31/2021
Creating a Log File of Cassini Calibration ResultsGen Doc08/30/2021
Designated parts not covered by Extended Warranty (W)Gen Doc11/23/2021
Device Definitions - Device Control (I2C SPI Serial and Parallel)Cassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Device Definitions - Fixture DefinitionCassini Basic Training11/11/2016
Device Definitions - Fixture Quickstart GuideCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Diagnose and Verify Cassini TIMsCassini Maintenance Manual02/17/2022
Diagnose System Controller EPC TIM (Drive S.M.A.R.T. status), eCSGen Doc11/02/2021
Diagnostic Test Plan ReviewCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Digital Logic Analyzer User GuideCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Digital Scan & Burst - Using Digital Apps with CassiniCassini Basic Training11/28/2022
Disable Connections to Guru Server (Guru Server Startup Command and RiSystem Object Flags)Cassini Basic Training02/23/2022
Disable RiGuruArchive for Disk Storage RecoveryGen Doc02/22/2022
Discontinued RI8589A High Power Supply/Pulser TIMGen Doc09/26/2022
Discontinued Test Instrument Modules (TIMs with Limited Availability)Gen Doc08/08/2023
Display Out of Range with 1920x1080, Reset Desktop ResolutionGen Doc07/25/2023
Edit Package Exec (Data Expiration, Handler Bins)Cassini Administration Manual06/07/2024
Edit .CSV with OpenOffice.Org on Cassini EPC or Virtual WorkstationCassini Administration Manual07/05/2022
Enabling FTP Server on System ControllersCassini Administration Manual07/28/2017
Enabling Guru Connections with NoBackup and NoUpdate RiSystem FlagsPart CASSINI09/03/2020
End of Life: Decommissioning of Cassini SystemsCassini Maintenance Manual01/21/2022
End of Life: Instruments with Limited or NO SupportGen Doc08/08/2023
EPC Factory Recovery of Drive DCassini Maintenance Manual02/22/2022
Error Log locations for Guru Apps on CassiniCassini Maintenance Manual06/23/2021
Exchange Overview for System Controller EPC TIMCassini Administration Manual02/22/2022
Exchange System Controller EPC TIM ChecklistCassini Administration Manual11/17/2021
Exchanging Cassini 16 System ControllerCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Exchanging RI7725 20 GHz Microwave Source AUX Rack TIMCassini Maintenance Manual12/07/2018
Exchanging TIMs (Cassini Test Instrument Modules)Cassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Export RiErrorLog via Guru BrowserGen Doc10/21/2020
Export Simulation for CassiniCassini Maintenance Manual12/31/2020
Export TIM Cal Data via Guru Browser App or TIM Cal Export AppGen Doc10/01/2021
Exporting STDF via Guru Agent for a second timeCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Exporting STDF via Guru Browser v59 OnlyGen Doc04/05/2021
Exporting STDF via Guru Browser v60+Cassini Administration Manual11/11/2022
Extracting a Testplan from a Testexec object (Recovery)Gen Doc06/14/2012
Filter a Window (Hide) & Archive DesktopGen Doc04/03/2023
Fix 'Reset to Abort' Error in Message Log Window - GPIB Instrument TimeoutCassini Maintenance Manual11/16/2022
Fix Cassini Error "nodeGraphSet not understood" when compiling due to changed Dut (RiDeviceDef)Gen Doc12/15/2022
Fix Missing Instrument Error MessageCassini Administration Manual04/05/2021
Fix MISSING MxESTa11 in esta with NLS path UpdateGen Doc02/22/2022
Fix Serial Number Not Stored in testerGen Doc08/22/2023
Fixing Guru Connection Issues (Yellow System Button), DHCP MonitorCassini Administration Manual09/10/2021
Fixing Virtualbox Error GuruServer Startup Failure (Drive D: Missing)Cassini Administration Manual04/13/2021
Fixing VirtualBox Error "Failed to open a session for the virtual machine"Cassini Administration Manual04/05/2021
Fixtures - FAQsGen Doc05/06/2016
FTP Corrupted File? Use Binary Type Transfer ModeCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Guidelines for Applying Cassini Software PatchesGen Doc10/10/2008
Guru Admin ApplicationsCassini Administration Manual07/28/2017
Guru Agent Based Guru Server SynchronizationPart CASSINI10/21/2021
Guru Agent Editor User GuideCassini Basic Training04/17/2024
Guru ApplicationsCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Guru Enterprise Server Configuration OptionsCassini Administration Manual04/05/2021
Guru Enterprise Server on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS Configuration ProceduresCassini Administration Manual09/10/2021
Guru Enterprise Server Planning ChecklistCassini Administration Manual07/28/2017
Guru Enterprise Server Rack Uncrating InstructionsCassini Administration Manual07/28/2017
Guru Logon User Roles and PrivilegesPart CASSINI05/06/2022
Guru Server - Recommended & Minimum System RequirementsCassini Administration Manual12/07/2018
Guru Server Administration (Linux)Cassini Administration Manual02/22/2022
Guru Server Install on CentOS/RHEL 7 (Private Cloud or Microsoft Azure)Gen Doc01/29/2019
Guru Server Install on Xubuntu LTSCassini Administration Manual04/17/2023
Guru Server Install on xUbuntu (Private Cloud or Microsoft Azure)Cassini Administration Manual11/14/2018
Guru Server Install & Setup Instructions (VirtualBox & Linux)Cassini Administration Manual04/06/2023
Guru Server Installation - SuSE 10.0 Init Script and Auto Login + Startup GuruGen Doc09/17/2014
Guru Server Linux Deployment OptimizationsGen Doc02/22/2022
Guru Server Migration PlanCassini Administration Manual04/18/2023
Guru Server Upgrade ProcedureCassini Administration Manual11/07/2017
Guru Short Cut Cassini ApplicationsCassini Administration Manual06/16/2022
Guru: Building Bridges to Islands of Automation (4/5)Cassini Basic Training06/02/2011
GZP View/Upload UtilityGen Doc10/07/2020
Handler Pod Programming and Interface Example (MT9320)Gen Doc02/04/2014
How Guru uses Guru Time, CreationID, CreationDate to Save and Retreive ObjectsCassini Administration Manual02/16/2022
How to Convert Guru Time to Date/TimeGen Doc02/16/2022
How to Fix Guru Object Missing or Application Doesn't LaunchCassini Administration Manual09/06/2021
How to hide the 'guruServerStart.cmd' window from the task barGen Doc08/12/2011
How to recover eCS *.INI filesCassini Administration Manual08/03/2017
How to Rename Tester (STDF Node Name)Gen Doc03/01/2022
Import Cal Data .GZP with Guru BrowserCassini Maintenance Manual09/29/2021
Import, Export, & Recover Files with Guru BrowserCassini Administration Manual01/24/2018
Initialize Cal data and Wear Factors for a new RI8603A Generic PA TIMGen Doc05/06/2022
Initialize Guru Domain & Create UsersCassini Administration Manual07/15/2021
Install Fonts to eComStation (roos.com web fonts)Gen Doc07/21/2017
Install FTP Client on System Controller (or Virtual Workstation) to access FTP.ROOS.COMCassini Administration Manual07/28/2017
Install or Upgrade rTalk for Advantest Smartest RPM on LinuxGen Doc05/21/2024
Installing and using a Power Amp with the RI8603 Generic PA TIMGen Doc07/30/2021
Install/Upgrade VirtualBox Guest Additions for OS2 (ArcaOS, eCS, Cassini Virtual Workstation)Gen Doc05/06/2024
IntroductionCassini Operator Training09/29/2008
Items to Return to RI after Shipping Cassini16Cassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
LCD Monitor Adjustment (ELO Touch)Cassini Administration Manual09/26/2020
Maintenance - Annual PMCCassini Basic Training09/14/2017
Maintenance - Exchanging Cassini ModulesCassini Basic Training02/14/2015
Maintenance - MonthlyCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Maintenance - Regular (Daily)Cassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Maintenance - Setup System Networking (TCP/IP and FTP)Cassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Manage Users with Guru Users AdminCassini Administration Manual07/15/2021
Manage Users with Guru Users AdminCassini Basic Training10/27/2021
Manual and Simulated Handler Operation with CassiniGen Doc02/08/2018
Measurement GuidelinesCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Missing Touch Interface (menu instead of buttons), New Guru IDCassini Administration Manual02/22/2022
Model Compatibility for TIMs and InstrumentsCassini Maintenance Manual06/13/2019
Moving RI7100A Test Data via FTP from RI Tester to ServerGen Doc01/26/2022
Moving Test Data/Backup via RSYNC from RI Tester to ServerGen Doc06/19/2014
NAT Network Port Forwarding Guru Server with VirtualBoxGen Doc09/14/2021
New RF, High Speed Digital, and Infrastructure Options for Roos Instrument's CASSINI Introduced at Semicon West - Press ReleaseGen Doc08/28/2009
Operations - Activating the Tester and Handler (RI7100A)Cassini Operator Training02/22/2022
Operations - Control with the Mouse and KeyboardCassini Basic Training04/21/2011
Operations - Control with the Mouse and KeyboardCassini Operator Training07/26/2012
Operations - Docking with a HandlerCassini Basic Training04/05/2012
Operations - Docking with a HandlerCassini Operator Training09/29/2008
Operations - Introduction to Running Test ExecutivesCassini Basic Training01/24/2017
Operations - Lab ACassini Operator Training07/28/2017
Operations - Lab A (Operations)Cassini Basic Training10/26/2012
Operations - Locating and Opening Test ExecutivesCassini Basic Training03/05/2013
Operations - OverviewCassini Basic Training04/06/2012
Operations - OverviewCassini Operator Training02/09/2013
Operations - Running Test ExecutivesCassini Operator Training01/24/2017
Operations - Start Up and Shut Down the RI System SoftwareCassini Operator Training07/26/2012
Operations - Starting and Stopping the SystemCassini Basic Training04/06/2012
Operations - Starting and Stopping the SystemCassini Operator Training06/29/2009
Operations - System Controller Hardware (RIFL)Cassini Basic Training04/21/2011
Operations - Testing DevicesCassini Basic Training03/04/2011
Operations - Using the RF Fixture & DUT BoardCassini Basic Training04/05/2012
Operations - Using the RF Fixture & DUT BoardCassini Operator Training06/29/2009
Operations - Using the System ControllerCassini Basic Training04/21/2011
Operations - Using the System Controller and RIFLCassini Operator Training08/15/2012
Operations - Using the System Controller, eCSCassini Operator Training05/06/2016
Operations - Viewing Test Measurement DataCassini Operator Training07/28/2017
Operator Guide to Using Cassini (Software)Cassini Administration Manual07/28/2017
Out of Address Space ErrorCassini Administration Manual09/13/2022
Overview: Goals, Implementation, CapabilitiesCassini Administration Manual04/05/2021
Packing and Shipping a Cassini TIMCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
PDFs of RI7100A TrainingPresentation07/14/2020
Prepare USB Drive for Cassini EPC and Virtual Workstation (FAT + 2 GB max partition)Source07/27/2021
Preparing a Cassini 16 System for ShippingCassini Maintenance Manual01/07/2021
Preparing for Designing a TesplanGen Doc05/04/2002
Project Planning and Making a Time ScheduleGen Doc02/27/2002
Quick Reference Guide for Developing Cassini Test ProgramsCassini Basic Training07/24/2012
Recover from Cassini Software or EPC ErrorsCassini Administration Manual01/27/2022
Recover from Network Errors - Cassini "data loss to guru due to no route" MessagesGen Doc12/27/2021
Recover XCenter (AcaOS Menu and Taskbar) on EPC DesktopGen Doc08/23/2023
Recovering System Configuration with ALT+F1 - Recovery ChoicesGen Doc07/24/2023
Remote Access System Controller EPC with VNCCassini Administration Manual11/20/2017
Remote Controller Development with Cassini VBox .OVA Install & Setup InstructionsGen Doc05/29/2024
Remote Test Exec control via System Message (SM)Gen Doc05/08/2024
Rename STDF files using Device Name, Lot, Sublot, Date automatically.Gen Doc08/25/2017
Repair Dut Interface Cal Data (Future Creation ID)Gen Doc01/20/2021
Replace Cassini 16 Fixture Power & CBit Control BoardGen Doc05/08/2018
Replace Cassini 16 Motor and Control BoardGen Doc06/02/2016
Replace Cassini 16 RIFL Hub StackGen Doc10/08/2019
Replace Cassini 16 RIFL Testhead Top BoardsGen Doc10/23/2018
Replace CMOS Battery in EPC TIMCassini Administration Manual12/09/2020
Replacing the RI7100A System Software with a newer versionGen Doc03/08/2022
Restore RI GuruServer StartUp (Default Desktop)Cassini Maintenance Manual03/08/2022
Restoring a Previous Version after a Patch Update with GuruGen Doc11/08/2010
Restoring Guru Connections (Cassini EPC or Virtual Workstation)Cassini Basic Training09/14/2021
Restoring Window List Widget to eCenter (ArcaOS or eCS)Gen Doc09/08/2020
RI Fixture License and AgreementGen Doc06/28/2018
RI Guru Object ClassesGen Doc02/23/2011
RI Safety Guidelines for Hazards - CassiniCassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
RI Software: The State-Based Approach(2/5)Cassini Basic Training06/02/2011
RI Synapse: Automated Test Plan Optimization (3/5)Cassini Basic Training06/02/2011
RI System Software Network and Data Integration GuideCassini Administration Manual10/26/2012
RI Update Guru Network Preparation Guide (guru.roos.com)Cassini Administration Manual07/15/2021
RI7100A Calibration and DiagnosticsGen Doc02/12/2024
RI7100A Generation differences (Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3)Gen Doc05/02/2003
RI7100A Service and Support PlanGen Doc06/29/2013
RI7100A System FootprintGen Doc11/25/2008
RI7100C FootprintGen Doc02/23/2011
RI7100C IntroductionCassini Basic Training06/08/2012
RI8609 Secure EPC (Win10) with Cassini Container User GuideGen Doc12/22/2022
RIK Documentation and Return InstructionsGen Doc10/15/2013
RITdb Browsing and Export using DB Browser (SQLite)Gen Doc02/09/2022
RITdb Conversion to CSV or XLSX with Python 3Gen Doc06/28/2022
RITdb Streaming Datalog Overview & Helper SpreadsheetCassini Administration Manual07/07/2022
Saturn Cassini Calibration ProcedureGen Doc05/09/2024
Saturn Win10 Cassini16 Calibration ProcedureGen Doc05/07/2024
Save STDF from RITdb WorksheetCassini Administration Manual02/09/2022
Saving System Data for Tracking RI7100AGen Doc02/22/2023
Science - Conversion Gain/Loss MeasurementsCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Science - Digitally Modulated RF Signal MeasurementsCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Science - Error Vector Magnitude (EVM)Cassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Science - Intermod Distortion MeasurementsCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Science - Noise Figure MeasurementsCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Science - OverviewCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Science - Phase and MagnitudeCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Science - RF Power MeasurementsCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Science - S ParametersCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Science - Spectral Purity (Harmonics) MeasurementsCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Screen Resolution with Virtualbox (Cassini Virtual Workstation)Cassini Administration Manual06/22/2021
SECN - Assign Permission Admin User to Export User App with Guru BrowserGen Doc09/08/2021
Secure Workspace for OS/2 User ManualGen Doc10/15/2009
Self Test RI7725 20 GHz Source AUX TIMCassini Maintenance Manual10/06/2020
SEMI Standards for RI7100A and CASSINIGen Doc08/11/2009
Sending AdminLog Data to RI Using Guru ExporterGen Doc04/19/2007
Serial Number Not Stored in tester issue during StartupGen Doc07/24/2020
Service Bulletin - Cassini Closes with Execs with Lots Exceeding 5-10K DUTs and View Bar Graph OptionsGen Doc02/03/2022
Service Bulletin - Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities ***SECURITY ALERT****Gen Doc03/17/2023
Service Bulletin - Not Affected by Log4J Exploit (CVE-2021-44228 or related)Gen Doc02/03/2022
Service Bulletin - RI8574A EPC Bulging CapacitorsGen Doc02/28/2024
Service Bulletin - RI8574A EPC JFS Drivers UpdateGen Doc02/03/2023
Service Bulletin - The Shellshock Flaw affecting Guru Server ***SECURITY ALERT****Gen Doc01/13/2018
Setting MaxWait=12000 in RiSystem to Improve Network ReliabilityCassini Administration Manual06/24/2021
Setting up a Cassini V93K CTH for the First TimeGen Doc05/20/2024
Setting Up the Cassini 16 Test System for the First TimeCassini Maintenance Manual02/21/2023
Setup Cassini with Integrator LAN Prober controlGen Doc12/15/2022
Setup System Networking (TCP/IP and FTP)Cassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Shared Folders with VirtualBox (RI Virtual Workstation, VBox 6+)Gen Doc05/06/2024
Sharing Files between Virtual Workstation and Mac OS with NFSGen Doc04/26/2018
Sharing Files with Virtual Workstation and Host OS (File Taxi)Gen Doc09/11/2020
Sharing Network FoldersGen Doc04/18/2023
Ship Large Cassini (RI8556A) System with a CrateCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Shipping a Cassini FixtureCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Site Preparation Guidelines for CASSINICassini Maintenance Manual05/20/2024
Site Preparation Guidelines for CASSINI and RI7100A&C (Limited Availability Infrastructures)Cassini Maintenance Manual10/13/2021
SM Bridge for Remote Test Exec control via System Message (SM)Cassini Administration Manual05/03/2024
Software Revision ControlCassini Administration Manual07/28/2017
Software Startup Failure & RecoveryCassini Administration Manual03/04/2021
Source, Receive and Testhead Programming Quick Reference CardCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Standard Service Procedure for RI ServiceCassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Statement of Volatility - Cassini16 ATEGen Doc07/14/2022
STDF Assembler Guru App User GuideCassini Administration Manual06/21/2022
STDF Customization (with ED Launcher)Cassini Administration Manual07/28/2017
STDF Reconstruct AgentCassini Administration Manual11/11/2022
Support - Sending Data and Getting Assistance from RoosCassini Maintenance Manual01/27/2022
Supported Handlers and ProbersGen Doc12/28/2020
Syllabus for abbreviated Cassini Basic Training 3 Day on-Site SeminarPresentation01/29/2013
Syllabus for Cassini Basic Training 5 Day SeminarPresentation03/01/2013
Syllabus for Cassini Basic Training 5 Day SeminarPresentation03/07/2011
Syllabus for RI7100C Orientation (5 Day)Presentation03/01/2013
Symbolic PreMeas Values to Sweep DUT Register ValuesCassini Basic Training01/11/2024
Take Ownership of Roos eManual (iPad)Gen Doc12/03/2015
TCP/IP Settings for Guru ServerCassini Administration Manual02/22/2022
TCP/IP Settings for System Controller & Virtual WorkstationCassini Administration Manual04/10/2020
Technical Details for How Cassini Test Exec Runs ProductionGen Doc02/22/2022
Test Development Time Estimates per Test ItemGen Doc02/26/2002
Test Exec Release ExampleCassini Administration Manual04/05/2021
Test Program Release Model - Release to ProductionCassini Administration Manual08/08/2020
Tester Calibration fails on a tester with a bad cal.Gen Doc03/18/2002
Tester to Tester CorrelationGen Doc06/01/2007
The System - Cassini Device Power & Testset TIMsCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
The System - Cassini Receiver and RF Block DiagramCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
The System - Instruments in a CassiniCassini Basic Training03/01/2013
The System - Instruments in a CassiniCassini Operator Training07/28/2017
The System - TroubleshootingCassini Basic Training10/26/2012
The System - TroubleshootingCassini Operator Training07/28/2017
TIM Block DiagramsCassini Basic Training07/30/2011
TIM Block DiagramsCassini Maintenance Manual07/30/2011
Timezone and Clock Synchronization (NTP) on EPCGen Doc07/15/2021
Tips for using Roos eManual (iPad)Gen Doc12/03/2015
To Rebuild Guru Main Journal from FilesCassini Administration Manual10/05/2021
To Recover Disk Space on Cassini System Controller (EPC or VM), Disk Use %Gen Doc04/03/2023
Transfer Datalogs Using Guru AgentsCassini Administration Manual04/17/2024
Transfer EPC Guru and Applications Directories as .ZIP without Guru ServerGen Doc08/02/2021
Transfer Guru Objects as .GZP by Owner or All without Guru ServerGen Doc07/27/2021
Transferring Test Data with Guru AgentsCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Transposing a RI CSV log file with OS/2 commandGen Doc10/17/2006
Troubleshooting - Basic Diagnostic ProcessCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Troubleshooting - Breakpoint & ControlCassini Maintenance Manual01/10/2019
Troubleshooting - Cassini System HardwareCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Troubleshooting - Cassini System SoftwareCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Troubleshooting - Common RF Scenario & Source BasicsCassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Troubleshooting - Limits in Service PlansCassini Maintenance Manual06/27/2018
Troubleshooting - Procedure to Run DiagnosticsCassini Maintenance Manual10/21/2022
Troubleshooting - Visualizing Data (Graphs)Cassini Maintenance Manual08/03/2017
Troubleshooting EPC Issues (Yellow System Button)Cassini Administration Manual01/10/2023
Troubleshooting Excessive Windows at EPC Startup - Disable Folder HotkeysGen Doc04/03/2023
Unpacking a Cassini 16 from Shipping CrateCassini Maintenance Manual03/08/2019
Update Db Manager Guru AppGen Doc03/07/2023
Update Network Interface Card (NIC) drivers with MPTS to support TCP/IPCassini Administration Manual08/03/2017
Update to the latest Firefox web browser (ArcaOS)Cassini Administration Manual10/15/2021
Updating Coefficients of Standards used in a Cal Kit Definition on CassiniCassini Maintenance Manual02/01/2022
Upgrade TIM to New Hardware Version (Cal List & Tester Def)Gen Doc08/25/2021
Upgrading Guru Server on Testers, Virtual Workstation and ServerCassini Administration Manual04/05/2021
Upgrading Multiple FET Pulser TIMsGen Doc10/06/2022
Use Grub Rescue to Repair VirtualBox Guru Server After OS UpdateCassini Administration Manual02/22/2022
Use Sync Util to Backup and Update Local GuruCassini Administration Manual06/30/2022
Use Sync Util to Sync Obsoleted Objects (UserApps, etc.)Cassini Administration Manual07/01/2022
Using Cassini 16 Test Head Rotation Lock (Rev C)Gen Doc08/26/2019
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