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Cassini isn’t just modular instruments, it’s a modular architecture and there’s a difference. Test Instrument Modules (TIMs) provide the building blocks for a configurable microwave system with resource ports designed to integrate seamlessly, creating a flexible instrument architecture. This gives Cassini drop in measurement capability and frequency extension as well as instant multi-site expansion with all the DC, mixed signal, and communication pins that an IC might need.

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Precision microwave signal delivery. Continuous wave signals from 100 MHz to 20 GHz. Modulated sources from 10 kHz to 6 GHz carrier with 20 MHz baseband.

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RI8586 25 GHz Source

RI8586 New

25 MHz to 25 GHz

2 RF Outputs

Ultra Low Phase Noise

RI8508 6 GHz RF Source


100 kHz to 6 GHz

2 RF Outputs

Modulated Output

RI8595 6 GHz Power Amplifier


Power Amplification to 20 Watts

700 kHz to 6 GHz

P1dB exceeds 10 Watts

Power Accuracy ±1 dB

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Signal Combination

These instruments extend the capability of microwave sources by providing signal routing and signal conditioning features. Two input sources can be routed out of 4 different outputs for increased port efficiency. Built-in step attenuators and amplifications extends the dynamic range of traditional sources providing 150dB of adjustable dynamic range. Precision microwave combiners enable two-tone signal delivery for high performance intermodulation and linearity test setups.

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RI8577 20 GHz Combiner


100 kHz to 20 GHz

2-Tone Signal Routing

2 Step Attenuators

2 Low Noise Amplifiers

RI8605 Source Switch


100 kHz to 20 GHz

2 RF Input Ports

8 RF Outut Ports

2 Low Noise Amplifiers

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The hub for all measurements on Cassini, the synchrodoyne vector receiver provides direct measure ports for 100 kHz to 25 GHz signals. The local oscillator can be shared with up to three different frequency converting Testsets along with their corresponding downconverted IF signals to provide cross-instrument, phase-coherent measurements.

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RI8596 25 GHz Receiver

RI8596 New

100 kHz to 25 GHz

2 RF Inputs

3 Baseband Inputs

Real-time DSP for PAR, ACPR, FFT, & EVM

Internal LO and IF Out

RI8587 12 GHz TestSet


100 kHz to 12 GHz

2 Vector Tx/Rx Ports

Internal LO and IF Out

Continuous & Pulsed with DSP

Noise Figure up to 12 GHz

RI8545 20 GHz TestSet


Phase Noise up to 16 GHz

50 kHz to 2 MHz Offset

FM Sideband Measure

Parametric Supply/Measure

16-bit Frequency Counter

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Test Sets

Cassini Test Sets integrate with the RF System Core to extend source and vector receiver test ports. These specialized front-ends provide path switching, signal conditioning, source combining, and frequency conversion for single insertion intermodulation, linearity, VNA, spectrum analysis, noise figure and power meter test.

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RI8607 TestSet 2-50 GHz

RI8607 New

2 GHz to 50 GHz

2 Vector Tx/Rx

3 Source Inputs (Intermod)

Continuous & Pulsed


RI8545 20 GHz TestSet


100 kHz to 20 GHz

4 Vector Tx/Rx Ports

3 Source Inputs

Continuous & Pulsed

Noise Figure up to 20 GHz

RI8580 60 GHz TestSet

RI8580 New

50 GHz to 70 GHz

1 Vector Tx/Rx, 1 Scalar Rx

2 Source Inputs (Intermod)

Continuous & Pulsed


RI8604 60 GHz TestSet


70 GHz to 86 GHz

1 Vector Tx/Rx, 1 Scalar Rx

2 Source Inputs (Intermod)

Continuous & Pulsed


RI8610 100 GHz TestSet

RI8610 New

86 GHz to 110 GHz

1 Vector Tx/Rx, 1 Scalar Rx

2 Source Inputs (Intermod)

Continuous & Pulsed


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These multi-instrument units provide direct current and voltage supplies, high-power pulse generation and capture, and parametric measurement capability.

RI8546 Device Power


2 x 3A High Power Supplies

8 x 200 mA Supplies

16 Static Digital with Parametric Measure

8 Precision Voltage Measure Inputs

Protocol-Aware Pin Logic

RI8589 Fet Pulser


DC Parametric Measure & High Power Supply

High Power Polarity Switching

10μs Burst, 1 kW High Power Pulse

8 Control Pins for External Relays

Digital and Mixed Signal Icon

Digital & Mixed Signal

These instruments provide dedicated Analog and Digital I/O resources.
Digital: Protocol-Aware communication, pattern generation, SCAN, logic analysis, contiuity testing
Analog: arbitrary baseband waveform generation, ultra low noise clock, high-speed digitizers

RI8535 Universal Digital


Device Control with Digital Protocol Engines

Pattern Import and Logic Analysis Tools

Pattern Generation on the Fly

Parametric Supply/Measure

Native JTAG Support for SCAN

RI8594 Waveform/Measure and Low Noise Clock



Arb Waveform Generator

Sine Wave Generator

Low Noise Clock