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Main eCS Task Bar

The RI System Software uses IBM eComStation (eCS) operating system for the graphical user interface and system control environment. The Task Bar provides easy access to popular operating system tasks such as moving data files, accessing network drives, monitoring the system's processor activity, and opening a command prompt.

Cassini System Software & Guru
  • The Graphical User Interfaces
    • Test Plan Editor
    • Test Executive Editor
  • Production Package Part Test Executive
  • Production Wafer Test Executive
  • Viewers and Data Saving
  • Handler Control
  • On Screen Help

All RI ATE Systems use a object oriented graphical editor to create and debug Test Plans and Test Executives. The Test Plan editor allows you to analyze test results and interact with the system’s instrumentation. Test procedures are displayed graphically as panels. Measurements and measurement states are represented by "button" objects in the test plan. Test Plans are created by copying buttons from a library and pasting the buttons into the test panels. Use the Test Executive Editor by filling in blank items of a configuration page that defines how the packaged part or wafer test is performed. The Test Executive also controls the handler bin assignments. The editors provide extensive context sensitive on-screen help to aid a novice user and be referenced by an experienced test engineer.

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