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RF ATE System
Basic Operator Training

The objective of this seminar is to provide you, the operator of this system, the information you need to operate the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) in a production environment and handle daily administrative, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks. This training only covers select lessons included in the Basic Training Seminar.

Basic Operator Training Outline

The major topics of this training seminar, with hands-on lab time.
    1. RI 7100A & Cassini ATE Systems, Operation and Troubleshooting
      Introduction to RI ATE system’s design philosophy, typical hardware and software. Topics about the ATE system operating in a production environment, interfacing to handlers, and routine troubleshooting are covered.
    2. Page
      Operations - Overview3
      Operations - Starting and Stopping the System4
      Operations - Using the RF Fixture & DUT Board7
      Operations - Docking with a Handler14
      Operations - Using the System Controller and RIFL18
      Operations - Using the System Controller, OS/222
      Operations - Start Up and Shut Down the RI System Software25
      Operations - Control with the Mouse and Keyboard31
      Operations - Running Test Executives35
      Operations - Activating the Tester and Handler42
      Operations - Locating and Opening Test Executives45
      Operations - Viewing Test Measurement Data47
      The System - Instruments in a Cassini53
      The System - Troubleshooting62
      Administration Tasks - System Software Errors & Recovery66
      Administration Tasks - Message Popup Window71
      Administration Tasks - Handler Bin Definitions72
      Administration Tasks - Test Exec Summary Reports78
      Administration Tasks - Exchanging Cassini Modules80
      Maintenance - Daily81
      Maintenance - Weekly83
      Maintenance - Monthly85
      Maintenance - Bi-annual PMC87
      Calibration - Written Procedure for Complete Cassini System Cal91
      Operations - Lab A95

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