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Test Execs Runtime Display

    • Colored Last Test Window
    • Worksheet Based Detail and Stats Views
    • Graphical Test Plan Viewer
    • Bar Chart Viewers
    • Multi - Histogram Viewer

Several optional views are available during testing. These views can give the operator an up-to-date view of the progress of the lot.

Bar Chart views of the tests, categories (soft bins) and bins show up to the minute yield results. Worksheet views resemble a spreadsheet, with tests and devices appearing in rows and columns. The statistics view shows the mean and statistical measures for the entire lot, while the detail worksheet shows all of the tested parameters, color-coded for pass/fail status.

The testplan itself can be viewed during the run of the Test Exec, but it cannot be edited or compiled. Its parameters may be viewed in graphical form.

Worksheet Views

The RI Test Exec has numerous views that can be selected for a running Test Plan. The most popular is the Worksheet View.

This view is a tabular spreadsheet style view of the test data and can be selected to just show the last test, a running sheet of all the tests, or the statistics of all the tests with the option to list the data in columns or rows. Data from failing parts is displayed in red only when "Limits" are turned on.

Barchart Viewers
The "Bar Chart" view shows horizontal bar charts for Tests, Special Fail Categories, or Handler Bins.

The "Last Test" view shows an area of Green when a part goes into a pass bin, Red for fail, or any defined color for special failures.

Many of these views can be simultaneously displayed and all update in real-time.

Histogram Viewer

The RI ATE system software supports Real Time Histograms by utilizing the special set of test limits named "Histogram". The minimum and maximum test limits for each of the tests performed becomes the upper and lower boundaries for each of the Histograms.

Select the Test Executive Editor's menu bar choices: View and Histogram. The test system computer will open the Data Viewer for Histograms. The Histograms will be updated each time a part is tested. All the available histograms will be displayed. Depending on the amount of tests in the Test Plan you may have to increase the size of the Histogram window to see the histograms.

We will work with a Test Exec using these in the next lab.

Test Exec Reports
    • Summary report
      • Printed version
        Disk version

  • Data files
      • CSV
        STDF family
    Several reports and data file format are available during running of the Test Exec. These will be covered in more detail in the Administration Section of the training.

    Test Exec Messages
    • Normal messages
    • Error messages
    • Software error display
    • Service Request

    During the running of the Test Exec, the normal messages and error messages will be displayed in the RI System message window. In an unlikely event a software error occurs, the "Error" dialog box appears as shown above. When this happens, click Save to record the details of the error to a log file. Now create a Service Request by starting the Test Exec again and select "Service Request" from the "File" Menu. This guides you through providing a description of the request and it automatically builds a .Zip file containing the active Device, Device Interface, Test Fixture, and Tester as well as the Test Plans being used by the Test Exec. This file can then be sent along with a brief description of the problem via e-mail to [email protected] for assistance.

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