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PDF Writer is included with eComStation v2 and greater.

Installing the PDF Writer in eComStation:

You need to download two pieces of open-source software, PMPDF (PDF Virtual Printer) and Ghostscript. A reboot is required after installation.


1. Copy the two attached files (gs703os2.zip and pmpdf.wpi) to the local drive, i.e. "D:\Shared"
2. Open OS/2 Command window, and type:
mkdir D:\pdfs
cd D:\shared
unzip gs703os2 -d c:/programs/gs (yes, unzip actually prefers forward slashes for directories, even inside os/2
    Next, open a drive browser and double-click on "pmpdf.wpi" icon from the "D:\Shared" folder to launch the PMPDF installer. Accept the default settings to install create a printer driver called PDF Writer and add a new control panel to the System Toolbox (red icon).

3. Open PDF Writer control panel from the System Toolbox (red toolbox icon).

4. Enable (check the box): Automatically Generate filename and Automatically generate PDF.

5. Use the "Browse" button or type "D:\PDFs" in the PDF Output field.

Here is a sample of the panel for PDFWriter:

6. Next, go to the GhostScript tab an enter the GhostScript path: c:\Programs\gs\gs7.03 and PDF-Mark location as C:\TOOLS\PMPDF

Now reboot the system and select PMPDF as the Default printer or use a version of the RI System Software that prints to both the PDF Writer printer and your default printer.

Please contact [email protected] if you encounter any problems.

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