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ITC 2023 - Allyship in the test community: a real-world guide to DEI.

The test community is a diverse one, yet many of us may not be familiar with either the subtleties or the complexities of how best to work in such an environment. In this moderated panel session, we will hear several of our test colleagues tell their stories and give us practical suggestions on how we can be better allies, help members of under-represented groups get a better foothold, and create more welcoming and inclusive workplaces. In contrast to (often counterproductive) DEI compliance training, this session focuses on the narratives from people you know in our community and steps you can take to become a more aware coworker.

Wednesday, July 12 2:40pm
Location: Grand Ballroom Center @ Disneyland CA, United States

Panel: Cathy Rossi Roos, Teresa McLaurin, Shawn Blanton will be joined by AMD DEI coordinator Adrienne Anderson Graml