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Cassini 16


Cassini marks a new direction towards a completely modular architecture by making every part of the test system configurable. Bred from the same RF-centric foundation as its predecessor, the 7100, Cassini has partitioned all of the measurement hardware into swappable instruments that provide targeted test resources and combine to build a complete production test solution.

  • 16 Instrument Slots
  • Test Applications from DC to 90 GHz
  • Precision Handler/Prober Docking
  • Instant Multi-Site Expansion
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Cassini Spyder


Higher device complexity, shorter development times, and lower cost of test demand a breed of test equipment that's more capable, more versatile, and more focused than ever. With Spyder, we've slimmed down traditional ATE while keeping all of the production muscle to deliver a completely integrated test solution in a compact size.

  • 8 Instrument Slots
  • Turnkey Solutions from DC to 20 GHz
  • Rapid Development Environment
  • Cost-Effective Form Factor

Modular, Configurable, Scalable


The modular testhead design fuses a flexible instrument architecture with 25 years of test system integration to deliver seamless multi-functional and multi-instrument test performance. With this versatile framework, the system can be adapted and scaled efficiently across the widest frequency range of any ATE.

  • Add Capability When It's Needed
  • Instant Multi-Site Scaling
  • Future-Ready System

A Smarter Data Bus


Roos Instruments Fast Link(RIFL) is the first open-standard data bus designed specifically for the rigorous environment of production test. First introduced as a high-speed data bus, RIFL was expanded to include precision instrument power, transitioning from optical fiber to shielded copper. Unwilling to compromise performance for functionality, we designed RIFL to support distributed compute packets across Cassini's instruments. The reduced data payloads boost overall system performance and by decoupling operation execution from the bus speed, Cassini can achieve much faster test times.

  • Distributes Synchronous Instrument Clock
  • Enables Plug-and-Play Instrumentation
  • Supports Distributed Computing
  • Delivers Clean Instrument Power

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