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Turnkey Applications


Let Roos Instruments provide end-to-end solution to your test challenges. With over 25 years of wireless expertise and close familiarity with what the modular Cassini ATE platform can accomplish, no test challenge is too great.

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Engineering Services

Engineering Services
  • Test Development
  • Device Interface
  • Cassini Configuration
  • Production Workflow Management

Partner with engineers from Roos Instruments to quickly solve design and production test issues rapidly and effectivly.

Fully Integrated Solutions

Bench Correlation

Roos Instruments has everything needed for production test. You provide the DUT and the socket, we can do the rest.

  • Handler/Prober Interface with Manipulator
  • Device Interface with custom Testhead & Simple DIB
  • Customizable Operator UI & Workflow (with barcode)
  • Enterprise Workflow, Data Integration, & Analytics.