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Exchange a TIM

Request RMA  Send Diagnostic Data with Show Full Results Option along with System & TIMs Serial Numbers to Support.

Swapping a Failed TIM takes just minutes. All configuration and calibration data is automatically loaded via Guru™. Procedure to exchange Cassini Test Instrument Module (TIM) in 4 steps. Detailed step-by-step process available in the Cassini Reference Guide, Chapter 4: Service, Section 1: Exchanging a New or Repaired TIM

Step 1) Prepare for TIM Exchange

  • Import Cal Data into Guru from the email attachment sent to the site's primary maintenance manager or contact who opened the RMA (Filename = CalData_<serial#>.gzp)
  • Unlatch and Lower Testhead from Handler and Remove Fixture.
  • Choose System > Check from Main System Window (Fixture removed from Configuration)
  • Remove TIM From Shipping Box. Do Not Trash TIM Box, Keep For Return Shipment.

Step 2) Exchange TIM

  • Remove Failed TIM, Pull Top Latch Then Pull Bottom Handle to Release from the Testhead.
  • Perform System > Check (Instrument(s) Removed from Configuration)
  • Install New TIM in the same T-location labeled on TIM. Example:
    Slide TIM Horizontally Until Touching Testhead, Slide TIM Vertically Until In Position, Press Top Latch Down
  • Perform System > Check (Instrument(s) Added to Configuration). Start Warm Up Timer (20 minutes)

Step 3) Verify and Release to Production

  • Latch Diag/Cal Plate from Diagnostic Kit
  • Perform System > Check (Fixture Added to Configuration)
  • Open Configuration window ( System > Tester ) Perform Targeted Diags (Tester > Diagnose, Select Plans for Instrument Model #s)
    NOTICE! Wait for the TIM to warm up at least 20 minutes before running Diagnostics
  • If Diags Pass, Unlatch Diag/Cal Plate, Latch Fixture and Release to Production (Skip To Step 4)
  • To Confirm Recent Cal Data, Select Instrument from Config Window, RMB Menu Choose Calibration > Restore... > OK. If One or More Dates Do Not Appear, Import Cal Data (contact Manager) and Choose System > Startup. Perform Targeted Diags Again.
  • If Diags Fail, Run Full Diags, then Perform Targeted Calibration (TIM or Complete RF System)

Step 4) Document and Return Failed TIM

  • Prepare return shipping documents according to Return Shipment Instructions (RSI) (HTC, value, description)
  • Write Serial Number if not already included on RSI. Include any relevant information (Diag data, symptoms)
  • Ship Failed TIM in provided TIM Box. If a TIM Box is not available, follow these Safe Packing Instructions.

Maintenance Schedule

Detailed Maintenance Schedule information and proceedures are in the Cassini Reference Guide, CH 3: Care & Maintenance.

Item Time Period As Needed Time to Complete Role/Login Required Tools Notify Support
SocketDailyMfg. Suggestion1-2 minOperatorStandard Tools
DIBMonthly>10% Yield Change5 minMaintenanceStandard Tools, Voltmeter, Magnifier
Test Head TIM BlocksMonthly1000 Fixture Docks2 minOperatorStandard Tools
Aux Rack RF CablesYearlyTIM Exchange1-2 minMaintenanceStandard Tools
Fixture InsertsDaily1000 DIB Installs1 minOperatorStandard Tools
Calibrate FixtureNeverModificationVariesDeveloperCalibration Kit
Docking HardwareMonthly1000 Docks1 minOperatorStandard ToolsIf wear is found
Handler POD/RIFL CableQuarterlyFrequent Handler Changes1 minOperatorStandard Tools
Diagnose/VerifyMonthlyYield Drops5-30 minMaintenanceStandard ToolsOn Failure
Calibrate TIMsYearlyTIM Repair1-2 minMaintenanceStandard Tools
Calibrate RF SystemYearlyTIM Exchange1-2 minMaintenanceStandard ToolsYes

Diagnose and Calibration

Detailed Diagnose and Calibration information and proceedures are in the Cassini Reference Guide, CH 5: Diagnose and CH 6: Calibration.