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Before a test plan can be executed, we need to compile and optimize it. If we intend to run this test plan on the physical tester, we must optimize and compile the test plan with the appropriate Active Tester Configuration. Be sure that the current Active tester is the physical tester configuration.

To link the test plan to the active tester, optimize, and compile the test plan:

    Select Test Plan and Compile from the Test Plan Editors menu bar OR click the Compile button.

A Compiling progress bar shows you the status of the optimization and compile process.

If an error is discovered during the compile process, the system will beep and display an Error Dialog box. Details about the errors discovered are displayed in the Log File window that appears.

Run a Test Plan

After a Testplan successfully compiles, you can press the Run button to perform each Test as designated by the Test Plan. Each Test section can be modified, compiled, and run without saving the changes to Guru. Use the various display and diagnostic tools explained later to debug the Testplan.

Time Runs for a Test Plan

Use the Options | Time Runs menu to list the time it takes to run each item of the test plan. Use this feature to identify test properties that significantly add to the test time. If a particular measurement is taking longer than anticipated, you may want to move it to another test plan that is not run every time.

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