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RI Software Configuration Management Tools & Updates

    • All System level Patches are user controlled through the Update Manager Application
    • The RI Guru can automatically deliver your System and Applications updates via an Internet Connection
    • Software Updates can be Manually Imported by utilizing the Guru Browser Application
    • Multiple System Software Versions can be User Managed and Concurrently Available through Short Cuts
    • Create of Released and Experimental Short Cuts allow utilization of only the Required Patches
Occasionally, Roos Instruments releases updates to the system software or applications to deliver a feature enhancement or to correct operational deficiencies in its software in the form of a patch for a specific task. An update is usually a new revision of the software that replaces the previous installed application, whereas a patch modifies a particular version of the application every time it starts. Both updates and patches are managed by Guru and become automatically available if an internet connection to RI's Guru is created. An update or patch may also be delivered as a Guru Zip (.gzp) file via email that can be imported into Guru by using Guru Browser to import the update. The application must be restarted after loading a patch or update into Guru.

When the Cassini application is launched it will prompt the user when it starts if it finds new patches and asks if you intend to have these loaded into the system software that will be utilized until the application exits. You can use the keyboard "CTRL+ / " (slash) to quickly select all patches before pressing the Select button.

A more sophisticated software configuration management tool is available for the Designer to build a "Short Cut" that is used used to selectively enable or disable particular patches for an intended application. This allows an Operator to run the correct and released Cassini application set of patches without needing to specify which patches are loaded each time. See the Update Manger User Guide for details.

Recommended Shortcut Usage

The user can create an unlimited amount of Short Cuts but we recommend the following plan.

For a series of devices that are developed utilizing a specific set of released patches at that given time, build a shortcut that incorporates all those patches and then release or freeze that version, giving that Short Cut a product family name and date that it was released. Then all the correlation and validation will never have to run again even though new patches will be added to the system software suite. This process is then repeated again and again as the customer develops more device Test Plans.

The operator's are then provided the normal procedural documentation for testing their specific devices that calls out which shortcut to invoke for that device. ( Each company has unique procedures so we do not advocate any specific method just attempt to provide the necessary tools to allow those procedures to be implemented efficiently.)

We then recommend creating a shortcut call Experimental that is built to automatically load all the latest versions of all patches. This is valuable during development especially on new device families or when new features are requested for new test methodology's and cutting edge ideas.

When an experimental shortcut proves to operate in the desired fashion, then it can be locked to the current versions of all the patches utilized and saved as a new released version suitable for production test, while keeping the experimental shortcut for new development usage only.

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