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Follow these instructions ONLY when directed by ROOS Support. Replacement internal module must be available.

    To repair the RI8546 Device Power Module (DP,VM,DB,VI,VCC):
    1. Remove any Fixture that may be attached, and remove TIM. (System Shutdown NOT necessary)
    2. Remove top cover. (See Opening a TIM)
    3. Locate the damaged modules by comparing to picture of locations below. (i.e. VCC 3/4 & DP1-8)
    4. Replace with spare parts. MAKE sure that the modules are installed with the correct orientation and are pressed all the way into their sockets.
    5. Replace cover, insert TIM back into the Testhead and preform a "System Check".
    6. Let TIM warm up for 20 Minutes.
    7. If Instrument names are not default, rename (optional)
    8. Calibrate replaced "Instrument":

      Example: replace VCC 3/4 & DP1-8

      In the Tester Configuration window find and highlight RI7421B dut control1.
      Right mouse button click and select Rename.
      Rename the RI7421B "dut control1" to just "dut control" (remove the trailing 1)

      Run the following calibration plans from the calibration window.
      RI7421B VCC 3-4 Calibration CF2
      RI7421B VCC 3-4 Validation CF2

      (Optional) Rename the RI7421B "dut control" BACK to "dut control1" from the Tester Configuration window.
    9. Run targeted diagnostic procedure.
    10. Verify operation by testing with a known good part. If passes, release to production.

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