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These instructions are for removing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) from a RI7100A (Gen 3) and replacing it with a Power Conditioning Unit (PCU). This is "option 2" in the Retrofit or Upgrade RI7100A (Gen 3) with UPS to use a Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) document.

This process is expected to take approximately 1.5 hours to complete, system calibration is NOT required. Some steps are optional as they provide cosmetic improvements that are not required for functionality. Please reuse the hardware (screws, washers and T-Nuts) used by the UPS and Testhead Power Supply modules. All instruments' power cables must be changed from NMEA 5-15 to C14 to plug into the PCU.

WARNING: HEAVY. Use proper lifting techniques when moving RF Sources (50-60 Lbs. / 22-26 kg)

Included in Kit (RI Part# MN60GB5A)
  • Rack Power Conditioner: Eaton TPC2365-LT
    Modified with EMO bypass shorting plug and power controller switch fixed to "Remote (II)", Ground terminal is NOT used.
  • C20NMEA 5-15 to IEC-C20 power cable that can be adapted (cut and attach plug) or a new IEC-C19 AC power cable can be purchased (i.e. BS 1363 UK to IEC-C19).
  • AC Line Cord C13(f)-C14(m), QTY 10 (spares provided)
  • Rack Filler Panel 3U
  • Rack Mount Hardware (Screws, washers and T-Nuts), QTY 4

Tools Required
  • #1 Philips Screwdriver
  • 5/16" SMA Torque Wrench (8-12 inch pounds)
  • 5mm Allen Wrench

Field Upgrade Procedure
  1. If running, remove any Fixture, exit the RI System software and shut down the System Controller.
  2. Switch the UPS "OFF" (front button) and disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet.
  3. Disconnect SMA RF cable and AC Power cables, then unscrew and remove Source1.
  4. Disconnect all power cables from the back of the UPS. (note: Location of the plugs can be safely ignored.)
  5. Unscrew and remove the UPS.
  6. (Optional, cosmetic) Raise the "UPS" shelf UP approximately 1/10th of an inch. (2.5 mm) to accommodate the height difference between the UPS and the slightly shorter Head Power Supply that will replace it, so that there is no gap between the Sources. Install the "Rack Filler Panel" to help adjust support rail height.
  7. Remove the Head Power Supply from the lowest position on the rack. (DO NOT install onto rails yet, the added space simplifies swapping the power cables required in step 9)
  8. Install the new PCU in the bottom of the rack facing the rear door. Screw into position using the two provided rail T-nuts and hardware. Attach main power cable and route under the rack (do not plug into wall yet).
  9. Replace each instrument's NMEA 5-15 to C13 power cable with the provided C13-C14, routing cables through the sides of the rack. (Note: spare cables are provided.)
  10. Install Testhead Power Supply on the rack the UPS was installed on, reconnect Head power cable and AC power cable.
  11. Install Source 1 and reconnect SMA RF and AC Power cables. Note: 5/16" SMA torque wrench (with 8 to 12 inch pounds) is suggested.
  12. Plug in PCU main power cable into wall outlet, switch PCU to "ON" and the system will startup.
  13. Perform "Diagnostics/Verifies" to make sure all instruments are powered.
  14. Recycle UPS and power cables according to APC (manufacturers) recommendations. (Search for "APC Recycle" website)

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