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These are instructions for installing a tool balancer in the field. Head should be locked in tallest position using Detent lock mechanism. Old manipulator must be removed.

1. Run cable end through small pulley as shown.
2. Maneuver tool balancer into place by first lining up socket on tension adjust shaft. Position rear tool balancer mount into its cradle and secure with bolt and tighten nut.
3. Route cable up and over the large pulley at top.
4. Loosen small pulley at top to route cable through. Removal of small pulley may be necessary to route.( If unit has allen head bolt installed, remove with vise grips and replace with hex head bolt 10-32 x .75")
5. Pulley is then tightened when cable is through. dont forget spacer on other side of small pulley.
6. Place cable end into mount . Check pulleys along cable path to ensure cable is not hanging up or is snagged on anything.
7. Once cable is ready lower head to create tension on cable by releasing up/down detent lock. Remove all slack in line and then find next hole to re-engage up/down detent lock.
8. There is a spring lock lever on the side of the tool balancer. it should be positioned as illustrated (8) to be sure the tool balancer spring is unlocked.
9. Check pulleys and bolts for tightness and ensure all slack is removed from cable line. Remove cable lock as shown using provided allen wrench.

Balancer is now ready to tensioned by winding the crank. Periodically but carefully disengage detent to see if head is balanced while winding.

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