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It is critical that Cassini Disk capacity remain under 80% utilization for nominal performance. Use the steps below to check Disk Use % and individual sizes of Folders. The C-Drive contains the OS and the D-Drive contains RI Application in D:\RiApps\ and local Guru Repository in D:\RiGuru.

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Disable RiGuruArchive for Disk Storage Recovery https://roos.com/docs/RBEH-CBVJLC

To Check Disk Use%:
    1. Open a command window and type:
      df -h
    2. Results are presented similar to below.
      Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
      OS              4.0G  1.1G  3.0G  26% C:/
      Application     4.0G  708M  3.3G  18% D:/

To Check Folder Size:
    1. Open a command window and type:
      du -sh *
    2. Results are presented similar to below. First column is disk size of the folder name in the 2nd column.
      100K    lost+found
      104K    GuruKeys
      187M    RiApps
      212M    RiGuru
      32K     Testdata
      4.0K    ACSdata
      4.0K    pdfs
      4.0K    ScreenShots
      82M     Shared

To Recover Disk Space on Cassini System Controller (EPC or VM):
    1. Any files deleted with the Workspace Drives and Folders are added to the Trash Can. Empty the Trash can by choosing Desktop > Trash can then, Folder > Empty trash can... menu or at Shutdown (See Figure 2).
    2. Identify a folder in the table below and open a command window and type:
      rf -rf <<Folder>>
    3. Follow the steps To Check Disk Size again.
    4. If D:\ is still above 80% Use%, then use the command to Check Folder Size and remove any additional folders from the list below. Remove D:\Testdata as a last resort.

    Cassini System Controller (EPC) Temporary Folders
    It is safe to remove the contents of the following folders while not running a production Test Exec (Pause OK). Cassini and other applications can be left running.
    IMPORTANT: NEVER remove D:\RiGuru (local repository) or D:\RiApps (local applications).
    D:\RiGuruArchiveCopy of everything in D:\RiGuru\repository\, rebuilt on startup and created as new guru objects are created, used to access file if corruption after write detected
    D:\ACSdataAutoCorr System (ASC) Datalogs and Correlation data. Do not remove while AutoCorr is active with Cassini running a Test Exec with Bias Control enabled.
    D:\ScreenShotsOutput of PMCam (Print Screen key)
    D:\SharedRecommended folder for .GZP files from Guru Browser
    D:\pdfsPDF Writer Output (System Settings > PMPDF Control Panel) used for Lot Summary Report
    Note: failes may also appear .pdf files in D:\)
    D:\TestdataOutput of local RITdb file used to display Cassini Worksheet.
    Output of Lot Summary report any recommended folder for Exported STDF from Guru Browser or STDF Copy Agent

Figure 1: Empty Trash

Figure 2: Empty trash can

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