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This application note explores how various interconnection techniques effect signal quality and hopefully serves to help the user avoid digital disasters when using the RI8535A/B/C Digital Test Instrument Module (TIM) and RIK0127A Fixture Digital Module. Both the RI8535B and RIK0127A use the same driver circuitry. This driver is capable of data transmission rates beyond 100 MHz and logic high levels settable from any range up to 4.0 volts. A simplified block diagram of the Roos Instrument Pin Driver is shown below in Figure 1.

Digital interconnection techniques that are not somewhat impedance matched will degrade the integrity of the signal. Making connections using several connection mediums will cause additional reflections. Making the interconnection several feet long will prevent one from running at the highest speeds. Not having a direct return path (ground) parallel with the transmission signal is a recipe for disaster.

Digital Fixture Interface Needs

Roos Instrument's provides it's customers a complete digital interface solution. Below is an abbreviated list of
Instrument to Device Under Test components to assist in your applications success.
  • RI8535A/B/C 40/80/120 Pin Digital Test Instrument Module
  • RIK0017A High Speed Serial Fixture Digital Module Kit
  • RIK0127A Fixture Digital Module RI74315C
  • RIK0137A Matrix Fixture Insert Digital Pogo Block 20 pins
  • RIK0141A Digital TIM Block 80pins
  • RIK0142A Digital TIM Block 120pins
  • RIK0146A Digital TIM Block 40pins
  • RIK0147A Digital Breakout Module 20pins
  • RIK0148A 1x2 Coax Cable Assy 16” RG178 (Set of 5)

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