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When swapping sources around, the RI7725 20 GHz Source can get into a situation where the low level cal data is not uploaded from the embedded erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM). When this happened, the source experienced lock failures similar to example 'Self Test' data. This can happen when unplugging and re-plugging RIFL on multiple sources. Avoid this by always performing a System > Check from the main Cassini window after unplugging each source.

See also Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'Self Test RI7725 20 GHz Source AUX TIM'Self Test RI7725 20 GHz Source AUX TIM

If a source RIFL was disconnected then reconnected, the source self test shows lock failures may look like this and it is possible that this source has lost its EPROM data.

Example Self Test Output:
Freq= 500 lock= false, Yig Error= 37  MHz, alc drive= 12  
Freq= 1000 lock= false, Yig Error= 40  MHz, alc drive= 12  
Freq= 1500 lock= false, Yig Error= 45  MHz, alc drive= 12  
Freq= 2001 lock= false, Yig Error= -7.5  MHz, alc drive= 4.6  
Freq= 5000 lock= false, Yig Error= 15  MHz, alc drive= 4.4  
Freq= 7500 lock= false, Yig Error= 40  MHz, alc drive= 4.4  
Freq= 8000 lock= false, Yig Error= 44  MHz, alc drive= 4.4
Freq= 10000 lock= false, Yig Error= 49  MHz, alc drive= 4.1  
Freq= 14000 lock= false, Yig Error= 49  MHz, alc drive= 4.2  
Freq= 17000 lock= false, Yig Error= 49  MHz, alc drive= 4.3  
Freq= 20000 lock= false, Yig Error= 49  MHz, alc drive= 4.4

To Identify and Fix a Source with Missing EPROM Data:
  1. Open a configuration window by choosing System > Tester from the main Cassini window.
  2. Highlight the source in question and choose Calibration > Inspect.
  3. Choose the SN cal factor to select it.
  4. If the serial number is 'xxxxxx', then the tester failed to read the source's eprom. This value is the OEM serial number and should match Anritsu's small tag on the back of the source. If the tester can't read it, then the tester displays 'xxxxxx'.
  5. To fix it, choose Calibration > Restore from the right mouse button menu to restore the latest Cal data from Guru.
  6. Close the Calibration Inspect window if the system does not close it automatically.
  7. Open a new Calibration Inspect window (repeat step 2) and check that the SN is now a valid serial number.
  8. With the source still highlighted, choose Calibration > Save EE Cal to store the data in the source's EPROM.

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