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Air leak could cause facility air compressor to run more frequently. Fixture latching is NOT affected due to the minimal air pressure required.

A non-critical flaw was found affecting 7 systems shipped after 6-1-2014 and before 8-1-2014 (S/N: GCA9WAYA, GCA9WGYA, GCA9VUYA, GCA9X5YA, GCA9WMYA, GCA9WTYA, GCA9WZYA). The infrastructure uses air pressure to latch and unlatch the Fixture, no performance or feature degradation is possible with the affected parts. Due to the low impact of the flaw, proactive customer notification was deemed unnecessary.


SYMPTOM: Noise of air leaking from the Compressed Air Connection assembly.

With the compressed air attached, listen for small air leak in a quiet environment in the "Compressed Air Connection" (#14 in the image below). A small air leak is caused by a manufacturing defect in the W1MFESCB part. Affected parts have the full 8 digit part number stamped at a diagonal which can be seen next to air fitting, but not all "rev B" parts will have a leak. The painted surface may be uneven and cause the gasket to possibly misalign or be damaged and leak air. All shipments after 8-1-2014 with W1MFESCB parts have been modified to prevent this issue. The next revision of the part, W1MFESCC, fixes this problem by masking the area around the air hole to allow a smooth surface for the gasket to seal properly.


Replace with an assembly including the corrected version of the defective part ("repaired Rev B" or "Rev C"). Remove the mainframe service panel of Cassini (See Database 'Product Docs', View 'Manuals\Cassini Manual\Table Of Contents', Document 'Advanced Troubleshooting - Cassini 16 Infrastructure (RI8568B)'Advanced Troubleshooting - Cassini 16 Infrastructure (RI8568B)). Use a long allen 7/64" driver to remove 2 mounting screws from the inside wall to release the air connection assembly. Replace with correct part and reattach the service panel.

W1MFESCC.pdfW1MFESCC.pdf "Rev C" manufacturer drawing.

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