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This document describes some issues that may affect Cassini system starting and shutting down and procedures that can be followed to resolve them.

Start Up

System does not start after reboot or shutdown. Displays a message similar to "The system detected an internal processing error at" and does not continue.

To resolve this, switch the ON/OFF/START switch on the infrastructure to OFF, wait 5 seconds, then switch it back to START. This is caused by an occasional race condition when the OS is starting up in multi-CPU mode. Multicore operations is desired to allow for background processes to function while the tester is running.

Shutting Down

When shutdown, hangs with "Closing..." message. Pressing skip might or might not end up in a General Protection Fault error. Or the Guru launch script continually restarts Guru.

To avoid hanging while attempting to shutdown, stop the DB manager first then shutdown the Guru then shutdown the system. In that order and within 20 seconds of each step. What is happening is that DB Manager is being restarted by a keep alive process that restarts DB manager in the background. Same thing with the Guru.

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