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SCU Milpitas

STATS ChipPAC Test Services - Milpitas

1768 McCandless Drive
Milpitas, California 95035 USA
Tel: 408-586-0600
Fax: 408-586-0601

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System options installed at this facility:

RI7100A options [more information]

001: Production Test Options
003: Intermod Measurement Capability
004: Mixer LO Stimulus Source (RF Source 3)
005: Time Domain Capability
007: High RF Output Power for Primary RF Src
009: RF Pulse Profiling/Time Domain
010: Adjacent Channel Power Measurements
012: Extended Low Current Capability for DBVP
013: Additional High Current Bias Supply Lines
023: Bit Error Rate (BER) Measurement Capability
025: Extend Frequency Range to 12 GHz
026A: High Speed Dual Channel ARB Upgrade
028A: Source 2 routed to RF8
029A: High Speed Dual Digitizer Upgrade
032A: Add Counter/Timer to H.S. Dual Digitizer
034A: VCC7 and VCC8
036A: DPVP (Parametric Measure for DP Lines)
037A: Low Loss for Source1/Support for 2 Auxillary Inputs

Interconnect to the system requirements:

An Engineering Fixture is available for interfacing prototype boards with the Test System resources. Your engineering board should have SMA connectors for RF and ribbon cable for DC. Please contact [email protected] to arrange for a RI representative to be on site to accelerate your integration project.

Usage Requirements

Extensive online documentaion is available to assist the design of your test plan.

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