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This document describes how to activate Cal Data for the Testhead Instrument (RI8545 Testset - 4 ports, 20 GHz Test Head TIM). This instrument is unique because it loads calibration data using both the Tester's Guru ID/Serial Number along with the TIMs Serial Number, potentially increasing accuracy when a complete RF system calibration is performed. This "activation" procedure only needs to be completed if the TIM is received from the factory, moved or calibrated on a different tester. Inspecting the Cal Data can reveal "default" cal values that indicate the Cal data is not loaded even if it appears in Guru and in the Restore list.

Import Cal Data .gzp with Guru Browser before latching TIM. If the main Cassini window is not already open, launch Cassini by choosing Short Cut menu from Guru. Latch TIM and choose System > Check from the main Cassini window.

To Activate Cal Data
1. Open Configuration window by choosing System > Tester from the main Cassini window.
2. Select Testhead instrument from the list.
3. Right Click or choose Calibrate > Restore to open a dialog that lists all the previous Cal Data.
4. Choose the last entry on the list and choose Restore. Immediately choose Calibrate > Save from the Testhead instrument to save the Cal Data with both the Tester's and TIM's Serial Numbers.
5. Follow the steps "To Run Touch Up Calibration" below.
6. Follow the Diagnose procedure to run complete diagnostics to validate the Cal Data before releasing to production. If Diags fail, and the TIM is known to be functional, follow the Calibration Procedure for a complete RF System Cal (stand alone TIMs can be skipped).

To Run Touch Up Calibration
1. From the Configuration window, choose Tester > Calibrate to open the Cal Exec.
2. Choose Options > Select Cal Kit and choose the appropriate entry.
3. Select the following two service plans by left clicking on them (scroll down about half way):
Ri8577A - RI8577A-SRC Power Delta Cal w/ 8545B

Ri8577A - RI8577A-SRC Power Delta Validate w/8545B
4. Choose Run > Selected and follow any operator prompts. (Termination with PKZ or PMeter can be used)

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