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Roos Instruments’ Cassini Tests Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar Modules

SANTA CLARA, May 4 /PRNewswire/ Roos Instruments, Inc. announced the delivery of another production test solution for Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar to a NATO defense contractor. AESA (phased array) Radars are used for both shipboard and airborne operations. Roos Instruments' Cassini test platform provides a significant improvement in test time and repeatability over pre-existing rack and stack equipment.

"Cassini's ability to measure accurate phase and amplitude on multiple RF and microwave ports provides the lowest cost of test to the high volume production of Active Array Radar Modules. Cassini's highly configurable hardware and software combined with an integrated vector calibration delivers the speed, accuracy and repeatability necessary for production test. A typical Active Array Radar Module customer will realize actual test time reductions up to 420%," said Mark Roos, Chief Engineer and CEO of Roos Instruments.

Cassini provides fully integrated hardware that is under direct control of the software thereby avoiding layers of additional firmware. A command and control interface with a low overhead protocol replaces the common GPIB bus, enabling fast communication with all Cassini instruments. Cassini uses the latest PC platform to calculate the desired result from the raw measurement data. The extraordinary processing power of the PC enables Cassini to make complex calculations and measurements in very short amounts of time.

Roos Instruments has been shipping the Cassini platform since 2007 and Cassini systems are currently operating in North America, Europe and Asia.

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Founded in 1989, Roos Instruments, www.roos.com , based in Santa Clara, CA, with offices in Salem, NH, Seoul, ROK and Chiba, Japan, develops, manufactures and supports characterization and production test solutions for the semiconductor industry. RI systems provide RF manufacturers the lowest "cost of test" with unmatched throughput and up-time. RI's ability to improve time to market with a unique, fast, reusable test development method provides customers with a critical benefit. RI equipment tests devices, modules and SiPs used in all forms of wireless communications. For stable, reliable performance from a system with the highest MTBF in the industry, choose Roos Instruments to provide the fastest available ATE solution.

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