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0.1 dB Compression Limiting Worksheets for Any CASSINI and RI7100A System ConfigurationGen Doc06/13/2022
24 Bit Low Current Measurement Capability on RI TestersGen Doc09/26/2007
Cable Performance for RIKsPart RIK0001A05/10/2022
Calibrating the Cassini Time Base 10 MHz OscillatorGen Doc02/14/2023
Calibration Data .GZP View and Export AppGen Doc08/17/2022
Calibration Procedure for RI8580A 56-67 GHz TIMsGen Doc06/09/2022
Calibration Procedure for RI8580B 50-70 GHz TIMsGen Doc04/21/2023
Calibration Procedure for RI8604 80 GHz TIMsGen Doc11/21/2020
Calibration Procedure for RI8607 50 GHz TIMsGen Doc04/19/2023
Calibration Proceedure (UPDATED 2016) from Cassini Reference GuideGen Doc07/12/2016
Cassini 16 Diagram (Location and Descriptions)Cassini Maintenance Manual01/04/2023
Cassini 16 Infrastructure FootprintCassini Maintenance Manual03/08/2024
Cassini Multi Site Testplan CreationGen Doc01/24/2017
Cassini Short 8 Infrastructure Footprint (Ri8556A)Cassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Cassini SPYDER Infrastructure FootprintCassini Maintenance Manual03/21/2018
Show details for Cassini Tall 8 Infrastructure Footprint (Ri8557A)Cassini Tall 8 Infrastructure Footprint (Ri8557A)Cassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
Cassini Test Floor Integration ChecklistCassini Maintenance Manual07/28/2017
CE Mark Conformity - Cassini 16Gen Doc07/26/2011
Connecting Waveguide FlangesGen Doc01/30/2024
Connector Drawings - PKZ #12 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS M and F VERSIONSSource01/29/2011
Creating a Log File of Cassini Calibration ResultsGen Doc08/30/2021
Datalog Naming Convention (STDF, CSV, RITdb)Gen Doc11/06/2019
DIB Design Guide - DUT Interface Board, Device InterfaceCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Difference Between the Old RI7322 and the New RI7323 ReceiversGen Doc05/13/2015
Digital TIM or Fixture Digital Module Best Practices - How to Avoid Failure Interfacing Due To Wiring Ringing EffectsGen Doc09/25/2012
Digital TIM Timing DiagramsGen Doc03/21/2013
Discontinued RI8589A High Power Supply/Pulser TIMGen Doc09/26/2022
Discontinued Test Instrument Modules (TIMs with Limited Availability)Gen Doc08/08/2023
Export TIM Cal Data via Guru Browser App or TIM Cal Export AppGen Doc10/01/2021
Fixture Assembly Steps - Cassini 16 with Large Quad Top Plate (RIK0178A, RIK0152B, RIK0164A)Cassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Fixture Module - Switch & Step/Attenuator Application NoteGen Doc07/06/2016
Handler Docking Design GuideCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Initialize Cal data and Wear Factors for a new RI8603A Generic PA TIMGen Doc05/06/2022
Installing and using a Power Amp with the RI8603 Generic PA TIMGen Doc07/30/2021
Installing Tool Balancer on small cassini RI8556B (FIELD INSTALATION)Gen Doc03/13/2023
Integrated Phase NoiseGen Doc11/01/2012
Latchine RI8574 EPC TIM to Cassini 16 InfrastructureGen Doc03/07/2024
Matrix Fixture Dual Site Top Plate (Standard)Part W1MFECKC04/27/2012
Measuring & Setting Pogo Pin HeightPart RI7240A010/07/2004
Non-Harmonic Spurious on RI7710 and 7725 SourcesGen Doc07/18/2023
Operate Phase Noise TIM (RI8575A), 1-16 GHzCassini Basic Training07/28/2017
Phase Noise Reference DocsCassini Basic Training11/06/2020
RI Fixture License and AgreementGen Doc06/28/2018
RI7100C FootprintGen Doc02/23/2011
RI8609 Secure EPC (Win10) with Cassini Container User GuideGen Doc12/22/2022
RIFL II Cable Warning (NOT RJ45 NETWORK CABLE)Gen Doc02/22/2022
RIFL Pin Descriptions (Cassini 16)Gen Doc02/24/2022
SEMI Standards for RI7100A and CASSINIGen Doc08/11/2009
Serial Number Not Stored in tester issue during StartupGen Doc07/24/2020
Service Bulletin - Cassini 16 Testhead "Latch" Spring LengthsGen Doc01/13/2018
Service Bulletin - Cassini ArcaOS File Open Container (FOC) Exception for VPM.EXEGen Doc03/12/2021
Service Bulletin - DIB Stack (QuickLock vs 28 Top Plates)Gen Doc01/13/2018
Service Bulletin - EPC Exchange (Guru ID from RIFL Hub)Gen Doc02/22/2022
Service Bulletin - Fixture Module & Carrier CompatibilityGen Doc07/15/2020
Service Bulletin - Melting 3M Grey BumponsGen Doc01/18/2018
Service Bulletin - RI8574A EPC Guru Network Performance, Reverse DNS Fixed with Local HostsGen Doc02/28/2024
Service Bulletin - RI8574A EPC Restart FailureGen Doc01/13/2018
Service Bulletin - RI8574A EPC System Controller 10 Amp Fuse (AR8V145A)Gen Doc01/13/2018
Service Bulletin - RI8574A EPC System RIFL Master PLL Upgrade (AR90HU5A)Gen Doc07/15/2019
Service Bulletin - RIK0087A Advanced High BW Diff. I/O Buffer Modules with 50 ohm resistorsGen Doc09/23/2020
Service Bulletin - RIK0138A Dual MCX InsertGen Doc01/13/2018
Site Preparation Guidelines for CASSINI 16 and SPYDERCassini Maintenance Manual10/13/2021
Site Preparation Guidelines for CASSINI and RI7100A&C (Limited Availability Infrastructures)Cassini Maintenance Manual10/13/2021
SSMP Connector InstallationGen Doc01/28/2014
STDF Example FileCassini Testplan Examples12/29/2016
Tool Kit for Diag TrainingGen Doc09/09/2021
Understanding Frequency (Time Base) Accuracy on the RI 7100A TestersGen Doc02/21/2003
US Patents Issued to Roos InstrumentsGen Doc03/28/2023
Using the optional FM capability for FSK modulationGen Doc07/16/2003
Viewing the Serial Number of the EPC TIMGen Doc03/12/2021