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A Simulation allows Guru Browser to export all relevant guru objects helpful for debugging an issue or transferring content by creating a RiSimulationDef object that links all active instruments of the Cassini configuration. A simulation does NOT include the ShortCut used to launch the Cassini software. If the ShortCut was created on site and not by RI, it should also be exported separately and included in the email to [email protected]. A Simulation should not be confused with the RI Cassini Virtual Workstation that is sometimes referred to as "the simulator", although simulations are often activated while working on a virtual workstation.

To Export a Simulation:
  1. Compile a testplan with all the software definitions active (Fixture def, DIB def, Fixture calibration, Device def, etc).
  2. From the Cassini main system window, choose System > Equip > Save Sim. (See Figure 1)
  3. Launch Guru Browser from the Apps menu and change Key1 value for ri.sys.ObjClass to RISimulationDef to show all simulations.
  4. From the list click the 'ri.sys.CreationDate' column header to sort by date and select the item that was just created.
  5. Export that file to a GZP by choosing Export > Send to Export List from the menu.
  6. Switch to the Guru Export List tab by selecting it on the bottom of the window, and then choose Export button to save the .GZP file to "D:\Shared" or similar directory.
  7. Send that .GZP file to [email protected] for review, be sure to include the ShortCut name that was used when the problem was encountered.

Figure 1: System > Equip > Save Sim button

Figure 2: Export RiSimulationDef

To Import and Use A Simulation to Open Test Plan or Exec:
  1. First, import the .GZP with the RiSimulationDef file by choosing Guru Import tab in Guru Browser. (See Product DocsImport, Export, & Recover Files with Guru Browser)
  2. Launch the latest Short Cut and wait for Cassini to finish loading.
  3. Choose System > Test Objects to launch the Test Browser window.
  4. Choose Object Types from the right mouse button click menu or Objects menu. (See Figure 3)
  5. Highlight RiSimulationDef in the left most pane and click the target Def from the list on the right to highlight it.
  6. Choose Activate Latest from the right mouse button click menu. Cassini will activate the Tester, Fixture, DIB, DUT, and DUT Control instruments that were active in the Configuration window at the time it was generated and open the Test Plan Editor window. (See Figure 4)

Figure 3: Test Browser window, choosing Object Types

Figure 4: Activate Latest RiSimulationDef

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