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VirtualBox Guest Additions driver is installed in ArcaOS and eCS guests to facilitate mouse capture, USB 2+ devices and arbitrary screen resolutions. All RI issued Virtual Workstations have this installed. Follow these instructions to UPGRADE to the latest version that comes with updates to VirtualBox.

NOTE: VBox 6+ and updated Guest Additions is required for Shared Folder access. Request an updated .ova from [email protected] for follow the steps below to enable.

These instructions were adapted from the "readme.txt" file in the VirtualBox CD Image OS2 directory.

- the generic VESA gradd driver is being used (gengradd) (Verify or change with eCS > Local System > Install/Remove > Video Driver Wizard)

Installation instructions: (from readme.txt)

VirtualBox Guest Additions Driver for OS/2

- the generic VESA gradd driver is being used (gengradd)

Updated installation instructions:
- boot to the OS/2 command prompt (alt-f1 while the white blob is displayed during early boot, then f2)
- copy all files into the directory C:\OS2Additions
- make a backup copy of C:\os2\dll\gengradd.dll
- copy our gengradd.dll to C:\os2\dll
- copy libc06*.dll to C:\os2\dll
- comment out the 'device=C:\os2\boot\mouse.sys' line in C:\config.sys (put 'rem' in front)
- append 'device=C:\OS2Additions\vboxguest.sys' to C:\config.sys
- append 'device=C:\OS2Additions\vboxmouse.sys' to C:\config.sys
- append 'ifs=C:\OS2Additions\vboxsf.ifs' to C:\config.sys
- append C:\OS2Additions to PATH if you want to use VBoxControl.exe and shared folders.
- add 'C:\OS2Additions\VBoxService.exe' to the start of C:\startup.cmd
- reboot

Shared folders

The shared folders are brand new in 6.0 and considered beta quality.

To attach a shared folder to a drive letter:
VBoxControl sharedfolder use <drive> <shared-folder-name>

To detach a shared folder from a drive:
VBoxControl sharedfolder unuse <drive>

To see available shared folders (any guest type):
VBoxControl sharedfolder list

The shared folders are accessible via UNC too:
dir \\vboxsf\folder\
or: dir \\vboxsvr\folder\
or: dir \\vboxsrv\folder\

The VBoxService can also attach and detach shared folders to/from drive
letters, if you check the 'Auto-Mount' flag in the config (host GUI).

See Guest Additions for OS/2

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