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The touch interface uses large buttons instead of a typical menu for selection. The touch interface is only activated when the "RiSystem" guru object (ri.sys.ObjectClass = ri.sys.RiSystem) includes a "touch=on" key value pair (not guru object property) in the "INFO" section. This preference is ignored when running Short Cut with patch ###.## (date) and the touch UI is always displayed.

NOTE: Self generated GuruIDs will get a RiSystem object automatically created when if firsts connects to a Guru Server. Only RiSystem objects for clients and servers must be manually created.

The RiSystem object can be copied from a similar object and RiSystem guru property set with the Guru ID of the target system.


See Product DocsVirtual Workstation - Initialize/Recover Guru ID for more info about Guru ID types.

To Edit RiSystem Object

From the main Cassini window launched from any Short Cut, choose Program > Browse Guru menu.

Choose Keys > Key1=Class menu from the Guru Browser window.

Select RiSystem and change the display to name.

Select your Guru ID from upper right, choose Edit Latest from the right mouse button menu.

Confirm that under the ":INFO" section there is an entry "touch=on" (no quotes) entry and "simulation=on" entries.

Then choose Save-Find -> Save to save any changes.

Restart the Short Cut to load the new preferences.

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