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Please follow this process from the Tester that processed the lot. The RITdb files are generated from the Cassini Test Exec at runtime, saved to the D:\RiApps\data directory with the .ritdb extension (or .sqlite for older versions) and removed after 30 days by DbManager app.

To Create STDF file from Worksheet (RITdb):
  1. Log on to Guru with user credentials with the "Engineer" user role, typically "Developer" or "Roos Inst" because "Operator" can not access the Cassini Program menu. The user can change access by choosing System > Logoff and then Logon without closing Cassini software.
  2. If not already running, launch Cassini by choosing Short Cut from Guru and choosing the latest release available.
  3. Choose Program > View RITdb from the main Cassini window.
  4. Select the target file from the Open File dialog and choose OK.
    After 2021, Cassini names the file with the <Lot>_<Exec Title>_<DateTime>.ritdb.
    Before 2021, the file name is a 8 character timestamp (RiNum36) generated based on the local time when the lot was started and is similar to the last 8 characters of the "ri.sys.PartOf" attribute of the RiDatalog objects. The "ri.sys.PartOf" attribute's first 8 characters is the Guru ID and the second set of 8 characters is the Timestamp. For Example, a ri.sys.PartOf value of "GE53P3YAF15ST75A" should look for a file similar to "AF15ST75A.sqlite" where the last couple characters may be different. Another method for matching the RiDatalog is to view the D:\RiApps\datalog folder via the OS and match the creation date timestamp.
  5. From the Worksheet window, choose File > Save STDF.
  6. Choose Select Output File and choose a target directory and file name. Optionally, enable any options that may be required by selecting them prior to saving. These should match the options enabled in the Test Exec.
  7. Choose Save to generate the STDF file. The Save button will remain selected and the CPU graph will show until the file is completed. The window remains open to changer options and to save to a different location or file name.
  8. Choose Close from the Save Data to File STDF Format window, then close the Worksheet window and choose System > Logoff if needed.

Figure 1: View RITdb selection from Cassini Program Menu

Figure 2: Open File Dialog

Figure 3: Worksheet File > Save STDF

Figure 4: Save Data to File

Figure 5: Select Output File

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