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When you have a new physical Test Fixture or DIB ( Device Interface Board ), you will need to associate that new ESN ( electronic serial number) with a definition file that describes the signal paths from the Device to the Cassini ATE System. These definition files are created for the Test Fixture or DIB by using the Device Connection editor.

First open the Tester Configuration window by RMB click on the large "System" button located in the upper left side of the Main Cassini software image window

Now install the Physical Test Fixture on the Cassini Testhead or install the DIB onto the Test Fixture.

From the System Window RMB click on the "Check" button to initiate the system check procedure

Look in the System Message Window to see that you get a message in RED that the ESN could not be found in guru.
This indicates that the ESN was able to be read and that it was not already associated with any other Test Fixture or DIB files.
( NOTE: If the system finds that the ESN is associated with anther file(s) then the associated file(s) must be removed f( Obsoleted from GURU before you can associate it again with another file.)
( See Guru Explorer for obsoleting a file in the system )

The following process is the same for both new Test Fixtures and DIBs
Once you have a working ESN that is not associated with any files, open the System Window again by RMB click on the SYSTEM button and then RMB select the "Tester" button to open the Tester Configuration Window

Now RMB select the Instrument pull down menu and then RMB select the "add Fixtire Def" or "add Dib Def"

Once the definition file has been loaded into the configuration, then RMB select the Instrument pull down menu again and then RMB select "Retitle".

Provide a name that will make sense describing the physical hardware you will associate with this definition file.

Now that you have an updated name then RMB select the Instrument pull down menu again and then RMB select "Calibration" and then select "Save"

This will associate the new ESN with this definition file and name.


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