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Symptom: Cassini presents an "out of address space" prompt.

Root Cause:

This is is caused when all the addressable memory (RAM) is used. The Cassini application is limited to a small pool of memory (typically 128 MB or less) due to the addressable space limitations of Digitalk Smalltalk. Please report any 'Out of address space' errors to [email protected] and include the Short Cut name and Test Exec used in the support request along with the time the error occurred and relevant error logs. (ObjClass=RiErrorLog and RiGuruServerLog).

Corrective Actions:

    • Always Exit the Cassini system software before start a new User Apps or Short Cuts. Available memory is shared when multiple Cassini applications are running.
    • If Cassini Test Plan Editor window is open, choose Debug > Enable Debug (to disable) and Debug > Minimize Memory (to enable). Both options are enabled when the Testplan is run from an Exec during production. Both options remove unnecessary debug code and attempt to optimize runtime for minimal memory requirements.
    • Out of address space errors can also be fixed with advanced test plan optimization techniques. Contact [email protected] and provide a copy of the Testplan to be analyzed for improvement.
    • Close the bar charts whenever possible. These graphs consume more memory as the lot proceeds and may contribute to causing the Symptom. Disable displays from the Test > Edit Package Exec... window.
    • Close other applications, including PM VNC and/or Firefox. DO NOT USE any other application while running high volume production. The tester assumes it is the only program running and will use memory aggressively to maintain performance.

Figure 1: Error out of address space

Figure 2: Debug Menu

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