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The attached command file takes CSV files produced by the RI System Software and transposes the "data table" portion of the file so that the rows and the columns are interchanged. It does not touch the "header" portion of the file but only the table of measured data. The converted file is saved with the same name with the extension ".CSVT" (for CSV transposed). You may have to rename the file with an extension of ".CSV" for tools such as Microsoft Excel to recognize it properly.

This program is a REXX program for OS/2. Put it on the tester in any directory in the default path, so you can invoke it from a command line:

swapcsv <filespec>

<filespec> can be a single file "55HU8700.CSV" or include wildcards "*.CSV"

Here is an example CSV file shown in a text editor. It was produced by a Test Executive where the "data saving" options were set to "CSV Logfile". Each tested part appears as a row in the file and tests are arranged in columns:

After using the SWAPCSV.CMD utility, each tested part appears as a column and the tests are in rows:


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