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    In preparation to shipping the fixture the following steps should be noted.
    1. Wrap the fixture in two or more layers of anti-static bubble material. The bubbles should have a diameter of no less than 0.8 inches (2 cm). Styrofoam should not be used to protect pins during this process as it is a generator of static. Anti-static foam is OK.
    2. The box used should allow for at least 3"of isolation between the fixture and box (not including the thickness of the bubble wrap). As a general rule, use a box with the following specifications:
      Single Wall Corrugated
      Bursting Test 200 lb/sq. inch
      Min Comb WT Facings 84 lbs per m sq ft.
      Size Limit 75 inches
      Gross Weight Limit 65 lbs
      Min Dimensions 20"x20"x12"
    3. Place the wrapped fixture into the box and finish filling it with shipping material and then seal it well. Label the outside of the box "FRAGILE" or "DELICATE INSTRUMENTS" or similar.

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