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The 20 GHz RI7725 synthesizer (aka Source) is typically the largest, heaviest and most delicate instrument in an RI system. As such, special care must be used when packaging one for shipment. This document defines packaging instructions when preparing an RI7725 synthesizer for shipping.

If at all possible, the synthesizer should be packaged in a Roos approved Anritsu (OEM) shipping box. If shipping from North America, Roos Instruments will forward a box to you at your request. When properly packaged in an Anritsu box, the synthesizer is sandwiched between two plastic sheets. The plastic sheets suspend the synthesizer in the middle of the box and provide cushion against shock.

To package in an Anritsu box, first wrap the synthesizer in the foam provided, being sure to cover the sharp edges at the corners of the synthesizer. Wrap this assembly in the plastic provided and tape the plastic closed. Place this assembly in the box between the plastic sheets.

Note that the Anritsu box has a diagram on the flap that shows the proper placement of the synthesizer within the box. When using an Anritsu box, be sure to follow the diagram precisely to prevent damage to the synthesizer in shipping.

Protect the SMA port with a metal protective cap or wrap it with foam.

If an Anritsu shipping box is not available, the synthesizer may be packaged in an appropriate shipping container. Minimum requirements for the shipping container are double-wall cardboard with an approved weight limit of at least 100 lb. (220 kg). To package the synthesizer, use either soft foam or bubble wrap. Do NOT use Styrofoam beads (popcorn) as they can shift during transit and permit the synthesizer to move in the package. The minimum packing material requirements are as follows:

Top, bottom: 4" (10 cm)
Sides: 5" (12.5 cm) from side, 4" (10 cm) from rack mount ear protrusion
Rear: 5" (12.5 cm) from rear face, 4" (10 cm) from rack mount protrusion
Front: 6" (15 cm) from front face, 4" (10 cm) from handle protrusion

Note: NEVER pack more than one synthesizer per box. ALWAYS use a separate box for each synthesizer.

The following synthesizer information is provided to assist you in determining an appropriate size shipping container for the synthesizer

Dimensions, L x W x H: 26" x 19" x 5.25" (66 cm x 48 cm x 13.5 cm)
Net Weight: Approx. 50 lb. (110 kg)
Minimum Package Size: 34" x 27" x 14" (86 cm x 69 cm x 36 cm)

The cost to repair a synthesizer that has been damaged in shipping falls on you, the customer. It benefits both you and Roos Instruments to package the synthesizers well when shipping. When properly packaged, the synthesizer should arrive safely, preventing damage and saving cost.

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