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Major Cassini platform updates may require an evaluation process to identify any issues before being released to production. This outline provides specific instructions for performing this process on a single system, disconnected from the Guru Update server that would prevent the update from being automatically distributed to all systems. The updates will be released with a naming convention. "[NAME]_Preview## - beta" is the Short Cut name of the release that will be evaluated. "[NAME] Production - Released" will be created based on the final preview Short Cut sent.

The Release Plan:
Identify one system to perform an evaluation. This system will not be available for production testing until the evaluation process is complete. Retest a lot and correlate results.

Upgrade one system, disconnected from guru, and evaluate. If good, we will package as released and go back for final eval. If bad, restore from backup and continue testing. If tester can remain down until fix is made, wait for the fix. Repeat with next preview release.

Upgrade System
    1. Move the "RI Guru Startup" out of the Startup folder. (guru will not automatically launch if the EPC is accidentally restarted)
    2. (Optional) Physically disconnect network cable. Because Guru will be launched in a way that prevents updates, leaving the network cable in place to evaluate remote execution may be necessary. This is OK.
    3. Backup "D drive" via Command prompt: "zip -r backup.zip RiApps RiGuru"
    4. Stop Guru Autostart. CTR+Esc, select "RI Guru Startup-RI Guru Startup" from the Window list, right click and select Close.
    5. Exit Guru (System > Shutdown)
    6. Start Guru without Update. Run "startApp-noUpdate.cmd" from D:\RiApps\GuruServer\
      TIP! Click on Drives > D > RiApps, then right click on "GuruServer" directory, then RMB drag this icon to your desktop for quick access (need to launch it at least 2 more times)
    7. Log-on to Guru, Launch Guru Browser from Apps, Import "FS_mmWave_Preview1.gzp" package.
    8. Exit Guru via System > Shutdown. Guru will NOT autostart.
    9. Run "startApp-noUpdate.cmd" to launch guru again. Guru will detect the new version, create a new "guruServer.zip" and shut down. (and not autostart)
    10. Unzip GuruServer manually via Command Prompt" "cd d:\Riapps\GuruServer\" then "unzip guruServer.zip"
    11. Run "startApp-noUpdate.cmd" to launch Guru again (last time).
    12. Launch the new Short Cut.
    13. EVALUATE CHANGES - run previous lot, correlate tests
      NOTE: this will not test guru to guru communication or generate STDF. To eval the STDF, we may have to run a special agent to get the test data out of the local guru. Modify the agent to run on the local guru and save to a local path. Xfer via USB to process. (note: network can remain connected, guru WILL NOT update as long as system is not restarted).
    14. Report issues to "[email protected]" and call 408-748-8589 to begin fixes. Goal is to have a fix ready by the next day.
    15. Import delta "[NAME]...Preview2.gzp" (Changes will be delta, so"...Preview1.gzp" will have to be imported)
    16. REPEAT step 11, or report SUCCESS and wait for "[NAME] Released.gzp"
    17. Reconnect network and move "Ri Guru Startup" back into startup folder.

Revert to previous version
    1. Exit all Apps and Close Guru (System > Shutdown)
    2. Delete RiApps & RiGuru directories ("d:" "rm -rf riGuru riApps")
    3. "unzip backup.zip"
    4. Launch Guru from eCS > Desktop > Local System > Startup > RI Guru Startup

To Deploy Released Package.
    1. Import GZP to any system or simulator.
    2. From each system restart Guru, Launch "[NAME] Production - released" from "Short Cuts".

Problem updating?
If an App doesn't update because it is still running (like DBManager), simply delete all folders from the "D:\RiApps\GuruApps" and they will be re-installed the first time they are run. This should only happen if the Preview release needs to be updated. Otherwise, restarting Guru will take care of all updates (EXCEPT WHEN RUNNING NO-UPDATE).

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