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To give the test engineer a step oriented approach to editing the dut interface pins during the creation and modification of a software fixture.

  1. From the Admin Window select Test then Fixtures. The Fixtures window as shown in Figure 1 will then appear.
  2. Highlight the specific fixture that is to be edited.
  3. Using the right mouse button activate the pull down menu for that fixture and select Edit. A Fixture Definition window will appear as shown in Figure 2.
  4. Additional paths can be added by selecting Add at the right hand side of the window and using the Paths Definition window that will appear ( Fig. 3 ).
  5. If a new DUT Interface Pin needs to be added to the DUT Interface Pin List then select the Edit DUT Interface Pins button at the top upper right. A DUT Interface Pins window will appear ( Fig. 4 ). Editing of existing DUT Interface Pin names can also be done here. It should be noted that this capability is only allowed on fixtures of type "Fixture for RF cable attach to testhead".

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Figure 1
Fixtures Window

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Figure 2
Fixture Definition Window
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Figure 3
Path Definition Window
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Figure 4
DUT Interface Pin Addition

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