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The RI Cassini ATE systems use a new database style file system called "GURU" to manage all the software and data files in the system. This database allows for automatic file backup and cataloging by many available file attributes to ease navigation of specific files while freeing the users from maintaining the antiquated separate directory structures used in the past.

To begin and access the System Controller software, first log-on to Guru to launch any RI application or perform any Guru administration.

On the upper right hand corner of the system screen, Click the Logon button to log-on to RI Guru.

Enter user name and password, then click the Log on button.

RI provides default user names of "operator", "engineer" and "guest" with initial password set to "password". You can add, copy, edit, and delete a user using the "Guru Users Admin" application.

Once you've logged on successfully, you can launch Guru Applications from the Apps or Short Cuts buttons ( discussed later ) or perform other Guru administration tasks.

Guru Log-off

Once you've logged on to Guru successfully, the Logon button changes to System button. Click on the System button to bring up the System guru menu.

From the System window, click the Logoff button to Logoff. To change access to Guru, first the user must Logoff, then the Logon is available again.

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