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For accurate tester cals, the tester needs to know the coefficients of the cal kit components. Those coefficients are stored in a cal kit object in the instruments panel. When a calibration kit is calibrated, the coefficients of the Open/Short/Load (OSL), particularly the open, might change. This document describes how to check and change those coefficients. Note that this document concentrates on the OSL. The noise source is covered in a separate document.

- Open the Instruments panel ('Test' 'Instruments')

- Find the cal kit definition you want to update and double-click it to activate it.

- Right Mouse Button Click (RMBC) on the icon and select 'Calibration Inspect'.

- Double-click on 'Open'. You will see coefficient values for 'C0', 'C1', 'C2', and 'C3' in "e" notation. Verify that these match the corresponding coefficients from the Open standard. If not, change them directly in the text entry field on the right.

- Verify that the serial number in 'sn' matches the open's serial number and matches the serial number of the actual open. If not, change it.

- Close this panel.

- For the short and load, the only thing to change is the serial number. Double-click on 'Load'. Highlight 'sn'. Verify that it matches the serial number of the actual load. If not, change it. Close this panel.

- Repeat the previous step for the 'Short'.

- Close the 'Inspecting' panels. If you have changed anything, in the 'Inst' panel, RMBC on the CalKit instrument and select 'Save Calibration'.

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