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DRAFT: This document is still being modified by the author. Any information here is subject to change.

Use the following Python3 scripts to convert RITdb (.ritdb) files into .CSV or .XLSX. These can be used on any OS that supports Python3 via a command line or with Guru Agent used to assemble (begin, window, and end types) and convert RITdb datalogs automatically. Learn more about RITdb >

To Use RITdb2??? Script(s):
  1. Install Python3 based on the Operating System
    • Win10 (via Ninite)
    • MacOS (via brew)
    • xUbuntu(via PPA ppa:deadsnakes )
    • ArcaOS: Python3 is not yet supported for use with on Cassini System Controller or Virtual Workstation.
  2. Dowload the file(s) blow by clicking on the icon below. Copy the .py file(s) to a directory along with the source RITdb (.ritdb) files.
    Tip! If using these scripts on Windows, rename the file extension to ".pyw" to prevent the console window from appearing.
  3. Open a command window and follow the "Usage" instructions with the desired options (in order) or configure a Guru Agent to run the script after copying a file (See Database 'Product Docs', View 'All Documents', Document 'RITdb Conversion Using Guru Agent and Python Scripts'RITdb Conversion Using Guru Agent and Python Scripts)

Script File




RITdb2csv.py [-p | --pivot] [-s | --split] -i <input RITdb file> [-o <output CSV file>]

Creates a CSV table of test results

RITdb2xlsx.py [-p | --pivot] [-s | --split] -i <input RITdb file> [-o <output XLSX file>]

Run 'python3 -m pip install openpyxl' command to install dependancy

Creates a XLSX worksheet of test results with Failed tests in Red.

    • ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'openpyxl' - need to install 'openpyxl' with pip, see requirements column for this script. If you continue to get this error after running the command, there may be multiple versions of Python installed. Run the "...pip install..." command with the specific version that is used to execute the script.
    • If Python2 and Python3 are both installed, you may have to prepend the command with "python3"

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