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RI Fixture Top Plate with Socket

The RI Fixture docking system's Top Plate is customized for each handler manufacturer. The Top Plate provides the correct alignment pins and drilled connection holes required to mechanically interface to the desired handler, assuring a precise socket alignment. This ridged mechanical alignment is critical for consistent RF test performance and it decreases wear on DUT Interface Boards and sockets for higher mean-time between failures (MTBF). The service and repair of the consumable sockets and DUT Interface Boards is facilitated by precision alignment pins in all critical locations. The test socket is aligned to the DUT Interface Board, DUT Interface Board stiffener and Top Plate through alignment pins in the socket body.

RI ATE System Basic High Performance Handler Docking

The RI Fixture docking system eliminates any fine alignment issues that arise in small outline RF device packages by connecting the precision Fixture's Top Plate directly to the handler. The compact Test Head is then brought to the Fixture / Handler assembly using the built-in, neutrally weighted, Test Head manipulator. Three large alignment pins protruding from the Test Head guide the assembly together while the RI Test Head Docking Cam locks them down and guarontees the correct RI Universal Pogo Ring mating pressure.

RI 7100A ATE System Robust Cam Fixture / Handler Docking

RI has introduced a robust Fixture to Handler docking system for reliable handler docking, developed with customers and proven in production. The universal dock plate for standard single site Fixtures (RIK0069A) and Multi-Site Fixtures (RIK0070A) mounts to the handler and is customized for that manufactures interface plate. The RI Fixture requires Docking Ears (RIK0068A) which contain smooth spring loaded roller bearing cams which mate to the handle docking plate.

Docking Plate Docking Ears

Example RIK0069A Docking Plate mounted on a Rasco Gravity Feed Handler

Example Dual Site Fixture Designed for a Rasco Gravity Feed Handler

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