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If the Cassini Virtual Workstation does not startup properly and displays a GuruServer Startup dialog that says "Cannot start D:\RIAPPS\GURUSERVER..." (See Figure 1), try changing the Host I/O Storage setting and start the VM Again. For some installations, the default enabled setting for Use host I/O cache can cause intermittent issues mounting the D drive at startup. Follow the procedure To Disable Host I/O Cache to resolve symptoms caused by that setting. This is enabled by default for the best performance and has been known to have intermittent issues with specific hardware types in the past. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact [email protected].

To Disable Host I/O Cache:
  1. If the VM is running, choose Stop > Power Off.
  2. Choose Machine > Settings from the Oracle VirtualBox Manager window.
  3. Choose Storage icon and disable (uncheck) Use Host I/O Cache option, then choose OK. (See Figure 2)
  4. Choose Start > Normal Start to launch the VM and confirm the settings are correct.

Figure 1: VM Error: GuruServerStartup after starting VM

Figure 2: VM Settings > Storage > Use Host I/O Cache Disabled

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