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When Test Fixture and DIB path calibrations are not enough, the user can add a "cable" calibration layer to store S-Parameter Calibration error correction data for cable lengths that logically exist between the Fixture-DIB and DIB-Socket. The cal data can be stored with the DIB serial ID (esn) or the Fixture serial ID (esn). The DIB supports two layers( DIB - Fixture and DIB - Socket ), and the Fixture supports one( Fixture - DIB ). Internally, however, they act identical to a DIB cal factor. Cal factors should be set after the DIB is changed. Cables are assigned to a single port, unlike most cal factors that are used in the RF path through the interface plate.

When defining the DIB or Fixture path where you want to also add an additional Cable Cal, the Fixture Pins must be set to "Cable DUT" and the DIB Pins must be set to "Cable Fixture" These key words inform the Cassini system that a cable is inserted between the Pin Name and the Fixture or DIB and the Cal Name and its data are associated with that pin and added to the other cals already present in that path. If there are more than one additional Cable Path ( due to a swicth or splitter etc. ) the system will support multiple instances of the same Fixture or DIB pin that have State Values and associated unique calibration data names for each state value. Below is an example usage as DIB paths that use the" Cable DIB" Fixture Pins

Software Requirements:
Patch 268 and Device Connection Editor version 74 or greater.

A Calibration Test Plan is required that takes a calibrated Fixture and extends the calibration to the end of the cable. Typically OSL standards through adapters are used at the end of the cables

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