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Thr RI8583 Production Touch Screen option includes a ELO Touch monitor. The Development option uses a larger, non-touch screen, adjustment instructions are below.

Screen Resolution & Refresh

To optimize the quality of the display, your touch screen should be operating in native resolution, that is 1024 x
768 at 60k-75 Hz. You can set this in the System Setup > Screen setting, by using the following steps:
  1. From the Desktop, double click the Computer > System Setup > Screen icons.
  2. Set the Resolutions value to "1024x768" and Refresh to "75"
  3. Reboot the system to use the new settings.

Elo Touch Screen Controls

Here is a picture of the front panel controls. Allow approximately 15 minutes for the monitor to warm up before making any adjustments.

Press the "Select" button and it will perform the auto adjust.


To fine-tune (manually adjust) your touch screen use the following steps:

1. Copy and unzip the attached file to D: drive.
2. Allow approximately 15 minutes for the monitor to warm up.
3. Open Firefox from Network folder on the Desktop.
4. From the IBM Web Brower, open the file D:\LCDTest\Phasing.html
5. Maximize the browser page (Alt+F10)
6. Use the OSD (On Screen Display ) controls select MISC MENU then select the RESET to reset the monitor to the factory default video settings.
7. Select the AUTO CONFIG then select the AUTO ADJUST, the monitor will attempt to set the video setting to their optimum level. The image should be steady and bright, if not continue with fine-tuning. Click on Clock/Pitch and Phase controls link on the Web Browser to get more detailed of clock and phase controls.
8. Use CLOCK setting to adjust periodic vertical bars of video noise.
9. Use PHASE setting to adjust the unstable horizontal noise line and cross talk


To install mouse drivers for the ELO connected Serial Port, read Configuring the ELO Touch Display for Cassini System Controller (Mouse Drivers)

Other Monitors with Development Option

For other monitors, the ideal screen resolution is 1920x1080 and 60 Hz.

Use the menu to select Auto Image Adjust after changing the resolution or if there are any artifacts.

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