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In the Cassini 8546 Device Power TIM, the Parametric measure resource, or "Monitor" on the block diagram is located in the Dut control>Precision Measure instrument.

It has access to all the Dut control pins, (DP1-16, VCC5-8, VM1-4N.) But it also has access to other instrument pins on the same TIM, DB1-16, and VI1, VI2.

It is a 4 quadrant resource, Force V/Meas I, Force I /MeasV. It follows the same use conventions as in earlier documentation. http://roos.com/docs/MFEY-4TNTTE?Open

The main difference is how to route the resource to the different Pins in the TIM. The Tester will Route the Resource based on the Dut Control>Measure Pin, Static Digital>Measure Pin, PowerVI>Measure Pin and the Dut Control> Vmeasure.

Here is the logical flow.

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