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Roos Instruments Test Instrument Modules (TIMs) all open the same way. This document describes how to open the covers of a TIM.

1) Orient the TIM as shown to remove the top cover. Note: The label orientation can not be used to identify the top cover. On some TIMs the label orientation is reversed. You must identify the top cover by the orientation of the top and bottom latches.

Remove the 16 screws holding the top cover to the side panels.

Loosen the 4 outer screws holding the bottom latch until they about 0.25" loose. Do not loosen the 2 inner screws.

2) Carefully pull the bottom latch back until the edge of the cover is out of the latch's groove. Note: Some TIMs have conductive elastomer in the groove. If so, be careful not to disturb the conductive elastomer.

Lift the edge of the cover up and remove the cover as shown.

With the top cover removed, you can now access the insides of the TIM.

To remove the bottom cover, turn the TIM upside down and repeat the instructions above.

For installation, reverse the steps above. Note that, if the TIM has conductive elastomer in the groove, you must use caution not to disturb the elastomer when inserting the cover.

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