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Occasionally it may be necessary to issue an update that needs to be applied to a customer's SQL database, called RIDATA.

These updates are supplied in the form of an ASCII script file that is interpreted by a database tool and applied against the database. The script only needs to be run once, unless otherwise instructed. It does not make any changes to the RI Test Executive ("image") file -- so the RI Test Executive does not need to be modified or re-saved.

Before running the script file, you must insure that the database manager is running, and that you are logged on for maintenance. Here are the steps:

1. Shut down any programs which use the database: The Database Loader, the RI Test Executive, the Clean Database and Delete Data scripts, etc.

2. Open an OS/2 Command Window and change to the directory where the update file is stored.

3. Make sure the database is running by entering the commands:

a. LOGON /L RIADMIN /P:RIADMIN <cr> (Logs on to the system)
b. DB2STOP <cr> (Stops the database system)
c. DB2START <cr> (Starts it again.)

4. Execute the update file (which has the name XXXX.DDL, where X is any character) by running the command below. (Note the three letter extension is "DDL", not "DLL".) Neither the command or its parameters are case sensitive.


The window will show a series of "command executed" statements and finish. Some update files may take a very long time to run, depending on the scope of the update. The update will provide any warning of extra-long run times, if known in advance.

When the patch file completes without error messages, you may start and run your system software normally.

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