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The RI8568 Cassini 16 Infrastructure features dual, redundant, hot swap capable Power Supply modules (RI PN GR1PWF2A) that convert the facility provided AC power to 48V DC. The power supplies have AC GOOD and DC GOOD LED lights that indicate whether AC and DC power is being supplied. The module should be replaced if the AC oor DC Power LEDs are not ON. While the Power Supplies can be replaced while the system is operating, RI recommends following the system Shut Down procedure and switching the main breaker to OFF before proceeding. Contact [email protected] for a RMA to exchange the faulty module with a functioning one.

Tools Needed:
#3 Philips

To Replace Power Supply Module:
  1. Switch the "Main Breaker" to OFF before opening the Power Supply module service panel. (see Figure 1)
  2. Loosen the two screws securing the power supply access panel.
  3. Remove the single retaining screw on the failed power supply. (see Figure 2)
  4. Pull the failed Power Supply handles to remove.
  5. Push in the replacement Power Supply and secure by tightening the retaining screw.
  6. Replace the power supply access panel and tighten the two screws in any of the available locations.
  7. Switch the "Main Breaker" to ON and perform a System Startup.

Figure 1: Diagram of Cassini 16 Infrastructure's Power Supply Access Panel

Figure 2: Power Supply Retaining Screws (1 Per Power Supply Module)

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